Friday, November 13, 2009

Finally, Its Over....

I am done with the program. I can't say that how did I perform yet because I still have to see the official evaluation report. But I know I worked hard, well to be honest, really hard! I can't say that I am happy with the performance of mine but I guess, I didn't do a bad job either. Guys are happy and smiling and its always a good sign. They have shown great interest in finishing up all the lab sessions which shows that they understood what's the module is actually? You can only be interested in doing the lab sessions if you have understood the theory lecture IMO. Also they told me that they are going to come up with a local Oracle users group as well which I believe would be a great thing for them and for the rest of the oracle community over here! So as like Noor asked to me today over chat, am I happy and satisfied? Well, no to be honest! But I am thankful to the guys for their patience, support and co-ordination! It takes a great effort to listen to some one for continuous 8 hours trust me!

I have got 3 programs aligned next for me. All of them are going to be as hard as this was! Let's see what happens? I really doubt that I shall be able to get internet access which if happens would be a pity. Let's see what happens as that's the story for the next coming week. At least for today, I can have some sleep and relaxed moments because my head is hurting like hell and I really need some rest! Bed, where are you?


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