Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Am !Back….

If you are thinking that I did a typo by writing "!back" than no, I didn't! If you have not worked with computer systems and are not aware about the terminologies used in computer systems than this symbol "!" signifies negation, in simple words, not :-) . Yep, I am not back. I am back to India though but I am not at home still. I have another 3 programs lined up which are starting from tomorrow onwards. And just like the last trip of mine in Colombo, all are going to be real tough ones! Let's see! I am on the road since last 2 weeks and I don't see it ending any time soon as well!

One thing which I came to know just while coming back from Colombo that the training that I have conducted there, this happened for the very first time in Colombo and I am the first ever guy who did that! Now, it may not matter to anyone else but it does matter for me a lot and it has made this trip special for me in one more way for me as I have sort of created like history! May be a very tiny thing for anyone else but it means a lot for me as fortunately, couple of times before as well, I have got chance to be the first time starter at many places! There is one more program, and that too at overseas location, is now added to the list and only very few people how much all this is close to my heart! One more time, I would say thanks to all those who were involved, especially the delegates who attended it! Thanks a lot guys! Without your support, it could never have been possible!

I am not at all  a good photographer  but it did try to put my Nokia E71 on test and have taken some shots! Here is a link to the album. Have a look and tell me that did both me and E71 do some good job with pics or not :) ?


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