Friday, November 27, 2009

Now You Can....

Its always a tedious thing to get updated about the new blog posts from your favorite authors. Yes yes I know there are RSS feeders but that still does need that you open up the reader :-) . Blogger had come up with Google Follow This which is a good initiative and is suerly on my blogger blog as well. But the similar sort of functionality was missing over Wordpress. But now, its an old time story.

Wordpress has come up with Subscriptions widget which will allow you to either simply click and subscribe if you are an already registered wordpress user or will allow you to have an email registered to get to know when there is a new post written and this info will come to your inbox immediately. Needless to mention that this widget is added to my wordpress blog. I yet have to check that its there for the self hosted blogs as well or not. I have no time to check at the moment though but if its there, its just going to be great!

So now, you can get the notification about my random ramblings almost instantly. Happy subscribing :-) . And yes, if you come to my blogger's blog, make sure you do follow me ;-) .


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