Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wall-E, Movie Review....

Wall-E  or bettrly said, Pixar's Wall-E is among those few movies which I wanted to see so much but didn't get time to see because of one reason or the other. I did read the review that Tim gave over his blog post about it but still, I wanted to experience it myself too. This time, when I was flying back to home, I found that the in-flight entertainment program  is showing it. Needless to say that I didn't let the opportunity slip out of my hands. So I did watch Wall-E or Hal's love story with Eva and here is my take over what I felt about it?

If I can give a single word review, I shall say , EXCELLENT! I am not sure that how much you are into animations/cartoons but I am totally hooked up to them. If there is a very good animation combined with an excellent story , I guess, that's the best combo to get and wall-e is exactly the same. Pixar animation studios have done the best of their work I must say with it. The graphics are by far the best which I have seen up till now. Hal, is such a nice and cute robot which has a heart(or chip) like a human, who feels, understands, laughs. cries and most of all, know what is love? If you have ever loved some one and have gone beyond the very limits of yourself, you will be able to relate to Hal immediately. How he leaves planet earth clinging over a space shuttle , just because his love , Eva is in it, that's what a lover does when he climbs mountains, travels far across oceans and goes to see his love despite all odds, all of the problems that may come on the way. If you have woken up in the nights thinking about your love's health, happiness, you would be able to understand the care that Hal shows when he gives shadow to his love in summer or an umbrella in rain. And finally, if you have the guts to let your life , yourself go for the sake of your love, you would truly appreciate Hal's attempt to save his love from being arrested and suffering the pain from that.

Its an amazing movie that's all I can say. I agree with Tim's point that the 2nd half is more like a traditional cartoon movie. If that were made a little more near to human kind of, it would have been the best! But still. I guess the makers knew about it and may be that had chosen to do so as its primarily a kid's movie( who wants to grow up, not me ;-) ) so it kinds of fits there. But overall, its among the best movies that I have seen so far and I am sure , I am going to get its dvd now and will keep it with me.

One last thing which did strike me while watching the end of the movie , was that some times, people don't care about their love and his/her feelings. They simply don't bother are too busy in their tasks only to realize after so long( and so late probably) what that person did for them? At times, its too late to know it and regret for it. Its the same what happens with Eva, lady love of Hal too. She doesn't care about Hal's emotions firstly and when she realizes all of it, Hal is almost dead. Now he was a robot so changing a few chips here and there did make him alive but that's not the case with humans. God doesn't replace their chips and gives them a 2nd chance. He just takes them away. So I guess that wouldn't be appropriate if I won't say this that if you have some one who loves you and you don't bother, don't care about him/her, his/her emotions, do give  a 2nd thought about what you are doing right now and stop it because , it may happen that after some time when you would eventually realize your mistake, you would be able to just regret but not doing anything else.  Its not everyday that one is able to find a heart who loves him/her truly and madly!


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