Friday, December 26, 2008

Back, For 2 Days....

I got back home today morning from  a spine chilling session that I did. As I mentioned in the last post, the session was among the toughest of almost all which I have taken so far. The guys were amazing and there were some very interesting discussions that did happen at times. As I always take that as my take-away back to home from a session, so in a way, it was very much beneficial for me. I am hopeful that I was able to satisfy the guys some what and their expectations were met. Well, all had a smiling face so I guess I did achieve it ;-).

I mentioned "for 2 days" in the title. Yes , just today when I got back home, I got a news that I am going to the same place again and guess what, I shall be there on new year eve as well. Now I certainly don't mind working but who would have thought to organize a session on a new year eve? That's like too much of work isn't it? When the entire world is going to welcome new year, what I shall be doing, trying to discuss some concepts about Oracle works, wow that doesn't so nice does it? I was like , WHAT ON NEW YEAR EVE! But I don't control stuff so I guess I have to go in anyways. Again this isn't going to be a joy ride but a roller coaster ride, so fingers are crossed, let's see what happens!

Despite that I shall be traveling on a party night, there is so much of cold and I certainly , am not interested doing travels in this chilled weather. Besides the fact that the cold outside makes movement a real tough task to do, there are other issues as well. The first and foremost is, cancellation of flights due to bad weather. Yeah that happens a lot in this time of the year and I tasted it first hand just yesterday when I had my original booking canceled and I was given  an another carrier itself to take me back home. Well now, certainly I shouldn't be complaining much as I did make it back to home but seeing this happening is not a very good sign for future travels. Hope that my flights will fly and will fly safely without getting lost(and making me lost along with them) in this foggy season :-).


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