Friday, December 12, 2008

Google Chrome, Creating Waves, Good or Bad?

Just now, I read on Google's official blog that Chrome browser is now out of beta. Irony of the story is that it was never in beta but was in alpha (version have been using it for some time and its a good browser but I guess it was a little too early to push it as a "finale" product. I have just updated it to the final release but I am too disappointed to see a basic address bar drop down menu missing(again). I still have to type my required website address. Now, certainly this is not what I expected from Google coming with a final version of product.

I have read that Google is planning to give it pre-installed with OEMs(Original Equipment Manufacturers) just like Microsoft did for IE when it launched it. I don't know how this all will work but I guess browser wars are heating up. Let's see who give burns to others and who gets burned out?


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