Thursday, December 18, 2008

An Amazing Voice, Gurdip Singh....

Those who know me, they are aware about this fact that I listen to a lot of music. And 90% of that is mostly , Punjabi music. Though there are legends in Punjabi music who are uncomparable with anyone else in the galaxy, yet there are some whose names are not known to many but they are the maestros of soulful music. Gurdip Singh is among those few names whose singing is a divine one. I can't recall since how many years I am listening to his songs. He has only released two albums so far but both are like milestones. If you really love good poetry and fond of deep, mystic voice, you must listen to his songs, you will be delighted, trust my words.

Here is a link to all the albums of Gurdip Singh. The first one is called Hook,

And the second one is, Ishq Aakhda-e Tera,

I am putting over here the title song from the 2nd album, Ishq Aakhda-e Tera. . This is known as one of the finest songs in Punjabi music. Luckily some one did upload it over Youtube also( and God bless him for doing so), so here is the link to that one.

Its not the original video though. This song did get a real video years after it was released. But I am not able to find it anywhere. I am putting the uploaded version here also so that you can listen it here only,

And here are the lyrics in Punjabi. I shall translate it in a while,

Ishq aakhda e tera,kakh rehan v nai dena,
Chup rehan v nai dena te kujh kehan v nai dena!

Pehle halle tera chain te karar luttna,
Teri shokhi , haar te shingar luttna!
Teri neend,teri akh da khumar luttna!
Tainu lutt k jamane kol baihan v nai dena!
Ishq aakhda e tera kakh....

Aapo apna naseeb hunda sajna juda,
Ishq jarre jarre vich , eh na kise ton juda!
Sab darde khuda ton,is ton darda khuda!
Ehne jhalle appri ch kakh rehan v nai dena!
Ishq aakhda e tera kakh....

Jhalla ho k j tun pyar wali hadd langh lain,
Ape apne tun khoon nal hath rang lain!
Je tun akk k vichhode kol maut mang lain,
Maut aaun v nai deni, jiunda rehan v nai dena!
Ishq aakhda e tera, kakh rehan v nai dena!

And here is the meaning of it in English,


Love,love, love....

Your love is saying, it won't let anything be with me!
Neither it will let me be quiete , nor it will allow me to speak!

In the first place, it will steal the happiness, joy and satisfaction from you,
Than it will steal your naughtiness, your beauty!
It will take away your sleep, the charm in your eyes!
It will take away all this , still it will not allow you to sit with this world!
Your love is saying....

Oh dear, every one has a different fate written for him,
Love is everywhere, its not seperated from anyone!
Every one fears from God, but God himself fears from it!
This love won't let anything spare in your hut!
Your love is saying....

If you will get mad and will cross limits of love,
If you will color your hands with your own blood!
If you will get frustrated and will beg for death from the separation,
It won't give death you but it won't let you be alive even!
Your love is saying, it won't let anything be with me!
Neither it will let me be quiete , nor it will allow me to speak!

Here are few lines written in Punjabi. I have read these so many times. I have read long back but they just go along so well with the above song,

Sacha Pyaar Na Yaara Paa Lavi,
Sukh Chain Sab Tera Lutt Jauga,
Vich Pyar De Jad Tainu Satt Laggu,
Khuli Hawa Wich V Dum Tera Ghut Jauga. . . .

And here is the meaning of them,

Don't fall in love,

You will lose your happiness and joys completely!

When you will get hurt in love,

You will lose breaths even in open air!

I won't be adding anything extra neither to the song nor to these lines. Still I shall say that love is not some thing from which one should fear. Love is not a deadly thing, its the most beautiful gift in this world. But every great thing comes with great dangers, great risks and so is true with love too. You will get love but on the cost of yourself. You will find the happiness but after giving away of your own. If you are not ready to give up you for someone else, you are not ready for falling in love and if you are in love but you think about your self more than that someone special, you are not worthy of being in love! Love is the name of giving away , not to ask for, love is the name of losing everything but still feel contended. Love is to die for some one without even thinking for a moment , not to kill some one else for your own selfishness.As I said so many times before, its not a road full of roses but an ocean of fire and you have to swim through it to get to the other end!


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