Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Proud Moment, 7th International Kabaddi Cup At Ludhiana....

Due to my job, I have traveled across India and Asia (and still doing). I did read some where that this world is a book and those who have not traveled, have read just one page. I completely agree to it. I have learned so much from my travels, have seen the entire India and its cultures. Every culture is good in its own way and as they all belong to India, they are all respectable for me. I am a Punjabi and belong to Punjab. Because of this, Punjab holds a very special place in my heart and being a Punjabi is the most proud feeling for me.

Punjab is known for everything of it, be it food, culture, love, literature, sports, bravery, you name it! In sports, besides the sports being played currently, there are many which are only played in Punjab and by Punjabi's across the world. They are a part of our culture. Kabaddi is one such sport whose history is as old and rich as Punjab is. There is a very famous proverb that anyone can play any game but Kabaddi can be played by only those who have got real strength and believe me,its word to word true! The generation to which I belong, the current one is some how going away from all this and is becoming fond of so called "night-life". In this time, any event which links us back to our roots, our culture is a most welcomed event, at least for me if for none else! Kabaddi is getting extremely popular now and is being played not only in India but internationally also. Kabaddi organization is hosting kabaddi tournaments every part of this globe with whole hearted support of International Kabaddi Federation. One such event is organized today in my city today from 20-21st of December. It is 7th International Kabaddi tournament going on at my city's sports stadium. I saw today's telecast live at my home for the whole day. I wanted to go and see it live but because of my travel, I had to finish some tasks so I had to come back home. But nonetheless, I did enjoy that much which words are not able to reflect. The proverb that I mentioned few lines above, stands completely true. Its a great feeling that my city got a chance to organize one such event where teams from entire glove have come and are participating. I shall be traveling tomorrow and I shall miss the grand finale which will be happening tomorrow when not only the semi-finals and finals of the tournament will be played but there will be live performance by the legendary Punjabi's singer, the king of all, Gurdas Maan. If you have heard about Punjab and have not heard about Gurdas Maan , his singing, you haven't heard anything at all. He will be performing live tomorrow. I shall miss watching him performing alive but still, its a great day and moment for me and my city. Am I happy, surely I am!

For those who have never seen any match of Kabaddi and don't know what it is, I am putting here one video which is a tribute to all the legends of this game. There is a song which is playing in the back end of video. Its in Punjabi but unlike other videos which I put, I won't be translating it. The reason is that I want you to watch the video and enjoy the game. But, if you would be really interested in understanding the lyrics of the song being played, let me know and I shall update the post with the lyrics and its translation. Enjoy the video,


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