Saturday, December 06, 2008


I haven't been able to write much since the last I have come back. Despite that I am at home, there are reasons that I couldn't write. First and foremost is that there are some serious issues in the family which are going on. They are not letting me have a peace of mind. I don't why god hurts those only who faith on him too much? I am not sure what's the logic behind all this? Why to hurt those only who love you so much? Why to give pain only to those who worship you day and night? I don't know and I don't think that I am in a state of mind to understand it even.

Second reason(if I can say it a reason) that  I myself met with an accident. And this time, not just me but one of my friend was along with me too. Luckily, he escaped from being hurt otherwise it would be a big burden over my heart that I became a reason for some one being hurt just because he was with me. About me, I did get hurt and a little too much. I am not over bed but there are some injuries which are internal and hurting. I never got scared from accidents but this time, one traveler scared me to death when he said to me, you were lucky ,no vehicle smashed you when you were on the road.  And he was right,I was really lucky because the road on which I was lying down,its one of the busiest roads in my city and if I got escape from not being rushed over by any trailing vehicle, I am really lucky. Well, I guess not so much too because in any case, I did get hurt.

Today,I wanted to sit and write about a small incident. I saw some kids playing hide and seek in the park next to my home. One kid was counting and others were hiding. It was a nice feeling to see such old game still popular among kids. It did remind me of my childhood where I did play the same few times myself. I see kids playing video games more today than all this. For our so tech savvy generation, it was a very nice moment,at least for me it was.


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