Sunday, November 16, 2008

Worst Times....

I am writing this from my pda which I bought few days back but couldn't get time to write about it yet. This probably is among the worst times that me and my family have ever undergone. I never felt so sad, upset and helpless as I am feeling now. In the same time, I am so much pist of over few people and out of words for saying thanks to some few who didn't bother that its day or night and have stood along with us at this time. There is a huge difference between just saying things and actually doing some thing for some one and  I have seen both at this point of time. I won't say anything at this point of time as its not the right moment but its mandatory to mention that some have gone so much high in my eyes and some have hurt me beyond words. Still, all I want is that this phase must be over asap and everything gets fine. If that god is out there anywhere, its high time for him to show his presence.


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