Saturday, November 22, 2008


We have brought dad back home today. I guess I didn't mention it before but both my dad and younger sister met with a very severe road accident. Some stupid arse gal hit them and ran away. Even though when people contacted her, she just jerked her hands off saying that she hasn't done anything. I am always against letting gals drive any damn thing because they have no idea about at all whatsoever about it and they do know it in and out, how to put the blame of their mistakes on others. If you think its a biased opinion, well I can't do anything in it, sorry. Its there and its going to be there now. There are lots of things which are going to be biased now from me as this world is not letting me stay the way I am. I would just mention that though, we are at home, it doesn't mean everything has gone fine. Dad has undergone two major surgeries and will be on bed for 2 months, surviving only on liquid diet. The same is there for my sister who has got sever internal injuries on her legs and back.

While we were at hospital, there were a lot of people who put a lot of impressions over me. Some have gone very high in the respect and some have hurt me beyond words can explain. I had lots of beliefs over lots of people, always thought that they at least would remember how I was/am with them? I didn't expect them to do anything exceptional for me and my family. I have stopped doing that, there is no use of expecting this. People fail to give common things, talk about keeping promises , its highly unlikely to expect anything special from them. But still, I had thought that there would be some emotional support at least that they could give to me. Some have given much more than that. Some didn't get time to do that even as they were busy in lots of stuff of their own which was much more important than calling some one and asking him how his sick father and sister are doing? They might have thought that I would ask them to do some thing which would waste their time and the safest bet is to stay quite. Its okay. I know everyone is busy in lots of things, exams, job, meetings and certainly this all is much more important. But I am not sure, still while doing all this, people breathe,eat , sleep , heck they must not be working all the damn 24 hours. I haven't met anyone so far and just for the record, I myself do ALOT of things which includes, traveling, reading, working, writing, managing a user group and not to forget that I do sleep,eat, breathe too, have a family with whom I spend time too. So I don't understand that how its so difficult to even ask some one how is everything? I don't think it will take hours and waste a lot of time. some of you might say that one must not expect anything. Well, just to tell you that we never expect anything from strangers, we don't give a damn about them. We expect only from those whom we consider a part of our family. So please don't give that logic which is totally flawed. But may be, I guess , now a days, what's most important is what you do, your own work and not anything and anyone else.

That was about some others who are busy enough and don't even had a minute. There were few who worked for 13 hours a days, still came and spent nights in the hospital with me. They made me sleep for few minutes but they themselves didn't close eyes for a minute even and took care of dad and gunjan. I know how tough is to stand for 12/13 hours and work as I myself do that. So its a big thing that despite doing that, they came by themselves and did all that for me. Just for the record again, they were only two in number, two guys who took care of dad in some ways more better than myself even. I have no words with to thank them and I know , they would never come and read this too. But, they have done that for me which is really tough to do and no one does that for anyone just like that. I know this as I have done the same for almost all of my people. I know how tough it is to actually go and do some thing rather than just singing, call us when you need some help. Everyone is busy, everyone has got tons of things to do. But when there is some one closer to you in need of a support, one needs to put aside some things because those things may wait but that time, when that person is looking for your support, both mentally and physically , that time won't come back and it hurts, it really does to see those failing to do it from whom you had expected the most!


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