Friday, November 14, 2008

A Really Bad Time....

I am back today about 2 hours ago early in the morning. I am not sure what else to say that this is the worst time for my family and me as there is a very severe happening happened with my dad and younger sister. My bad luck was that I couldn't come when it did happen, I just got back and in two hours, I shall be rushing towards hospital. I don't know yet what would happen as things are still in not clear and situation is really bad.

In this so much hard time, as much I am worried and tense, like the same I have two another feelings. One, of great relief and happiness to see that there are few people around me who have gone beyond limits and stood besides my family in this so much crucial time. Manjeet, Kavita, Sunil, Mansi , these all have given their full support in each and every thing, making sure that even when I was not there, nothing would had got effected. I never liked saying thanks and listening sorry, both are just very small acts, But I guess at times, one needs to say these words too and especially when there is nothing else which can match to what one really wants to say. I know it would sound so small but still, thanks all for everything what you have done and are still doing because the trauma is not over yet. Many many millions  thanks to all of you!

As much I am sounding happy, there is another feeling of sadness and pain as well in the heart  There are some people whom I thought would stand with me all the time, irrespective of time, situation. But it did hurt so much to see that few whom I expected to at least be a moral support , came up saying that they are very busy. Not sure that how one becomes busy for those who loves really and truly! I don't know the answer of my question  but yes, at this moment, I am so much hurt and upset!


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