Friday, November 14, 2008

NIOUG, Finally Alive....

Few months back, I saw a small dream to make a platform for those who want to do Oracle but due to lack of support, information are not able to do so. The idea was to formulate a ground which can support all of those people who are in anyways related to Oracle technologies. For the past few months, me and Amardeep were working really hard to make this dream a reality. I had decided to make this forum limited to those who belong to the North India side of the country. We were working really hard to do all what's needed for it. But despite, all of the odds, we started it and finally today, we did make it open for the public access. So, as the president of NIOUG(North India Oracle Users Group), I am happy and proud to mention that our web portal is up from today. Please visit us at , We have tried to be as unique as possible and will continue to do so in future as well. Do let me know, how did you find the entire concept, is it good, bad and all the things like this. In case, you want to read more about the idea and its origin, read about the genesis of it.


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