Friday, November 28, 2008

I Am Back....

Yeah yeah it does sound that I went for years but no, that's not the case. I am back from my program and I am back with smiles over my face which is only because the audience was smiling. I must say, it was second time when I met a very good audience, a perfect blend of right people for the right kind of module. Though there were some who stood apart from everyone else but still, I can't say who was better than the other as all were equally good. I love to get questions and its better when they are tough and I was lucky enough that I got very good ones. One question is still pending to be answered. Though I did give the answer with my little knowledge but I am not convinced and I am sure, neither would be that guy who asked it. I am still searching for the "under-the-hood" answer of it. I have got some leads, hope I shall get the entire puzzle set straight soon. Over all, it was a program worth remembering. Guys were really good and they gave really good comments about which I am not really capable. They did say some things which were really extraordinary and I was speechless as I don't see myself worthy enough for that. But still, all I can say is a heartiest thanks to all of them for all of their kind words,respect and friendliness. I had a great time being with all of them and I hope that I didn't bore them much either ;-).

I went to Banglore after a LONG time. It was more than a year back since the last time when I visited there. When I visited Banglore last time, I knew barely few people. But thanks to God, I came to know some very good people( just like this one). Out of those, I met one this time and we spent couple of hours together for two days. Its always great to be at that place where you know that there is some one over there who would be really happy to see you and I experienced the same in Banglore this time.

Finally, I am back home today. Very few people know that I didn't want to go for this program because of lots of ups and downs which are going at home. But I had to go because I was told that there is no other choice and alternatives available. I am glad that I did go for it but now I am back and I have to take care about the things which are happening here. I am just praying to that god that show me he is really some where and  make things fine asap. I just hope that he is listening to my prayers, I really do.


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