Sunday, November 30, 2008

Simply Awesome....

I just read this awesome piece of poetry over my friend, Amardeep's poetry blog and within an instant , it striked me so much deep inside. If you have been in love and lost it, got hurt by it, you would understand the heat hidden in these words. Have a read it,

dayaar-e-gair mein kaise tujhe sada dete
tu mil bhi jata to tujhe gawa dete
(dayaar-e-gair=alien/unknown place, sada=voice, call)

tumhi ne ham ko sunaya na apna dukh warna
dua woh karte ke ham aasmaan hila dete

hamein yeh zom raha ab ke woh pukaarenge
unhein yeh zid thi k har baar ham sada dete

woh tera gam tha k taseer mere lahje ki
ke jis ko haal sunaate use rula dete

tumhein bhulana hi aval to dastaaras mein nahi
jo ikhtiyar bhi hota to kya bhula dete
(aval=firstly, dastaaras=within reach, ikhtiyar=control)

tumhaari yaad ne koi jawab hi na diya
mere khiyal ke aansu rahe sada dete

samaaton ko main taa-umar kostaa Syed
woh kuch na kehte magar honth to hila dete
(samaaton=hearing power, taa-umar=life long, kosna=blame)

And here it is translated in English,

How could I call you over an unknown place?
Even if I would had found you,you would be lost!

It was you only who didn't share your pains with me,
Otherwise for you,my prayer would had shaken that heaven too!
I was under the illusion that she would call,
But she was admant that its everytime me only who must call her!

I don't know that whether it was pain given by you,
Or it was the way I narrate it!
Whosoever heard it,just cried!

To forget you is out of question in the first place,
Even if it would be under control,how would I do it?

It was your memories only who didn't respond,
Tears of my feelings kept on calling you!

I would have blamed lifelong my hearing abilities,
If she just had moved her lips even,if didn't want to say anything!

If I shall try to add some thing to it, I would just ruin the beauty of it. For me the lines,

samaaton ko main taa-umar kostaa Syed
woh kuch na kehte magar honth to hila dete 

have said it all. As I said before, only those would understand it who were lucky enough to be in love but unfortunate enough too to get hurt by it only.


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