Saturday, August 30, 2008

Two Gone, One More Left To Go....

No I am not on any killing spree, I was talking about my programs. I have finished another one yesterday. Now there is one more to go at this place. Its been a long trip here but so far, so good that's all that I can say!

This program had the same thing that the last program had, lots of people, lots of respect and treatment like a star to us. Everything was great except for one thing that my venue was about 200kms from my hotel. The travel was a killer. That was the only thing which was a problem. There were so many things that happened in this program which never happened before. Well to start from, I never traveled so far to conduct my program. So that was the first big shock. The next one was that before we would start, principal of the the host college asked me and another guy to give short speeches about the program. Now the other guy was a master in that as he is doing this kind of thing from a long time. But poor me never touched a microphone before ever. And despite that I give all the time presentations only, I never spoke for a speech before. So I had to take a quick crash course in speech from him. I have no idea what did I say though despite that course too!

The program got started just like another programs. Despite the long travels, there was nothing much different until 2nd day. What happened? Well I used to start at 7am to get at the venue by 9.45am. On 2nd day, it was raining like anything since night. I thought what rain would do,its just rain. I may be slow due to it but that's the worst that would happen! How wrong I was in my assumption, I came to know on "the day" when I came on the highway road which connects one city to another and found that the road has a slope in it and that slope is filled with water. So ,you may say! Well the water was filled with a depth of 8feets making it impossible for a car to pass through it. Great! My driver asked some locals that how much time it would take to pump off the water from the road, the answer was that it "may" get cleared by 5pm.WHAT! I couldn't afford to stay on the road for that long. So I asked my driver to get me into some train or bus which can move and can take me to my venue. Well luckily I got a bus which did make me reach my place. Though it took 3 hours for me to get there means I got at venue at 12pm but it was still much better than getting there at 5pm and losing one whole day!

On the ending day, it was once again, there was a request to give speech. Well I am not praising my self but this time, I indeed did much better than the last time. One another thing that did happen was that when it was asked from chief guest to say "few words", he started from this that when he was coming to dice, there was almost no clapping. But when he(me) was coming, it was thumping and a HUGE clapping. So it proves that indeed who has stolen the show completely. It was a great compliment for me, I must say. All the guys were so supportive and gave so much of respect. I won't ever forget that two guys from the other group , left that group and joined mine. I guess that's the best I could ask for, I had no idea why they did that as I never encourage this thing but they were so reluctant to sit in my group that I had no other choice. On the last day, it was a huge session of picture shoot. One thing I wont forget and that was that a guy came and asked my autograph over his copy. I was like, WHAT but he insisted and I had to put my sign with my email id over his copy. No idea what they saw in me as I know nothing and I am nothing. But still, the least I can say for all their respect and affection is a heartiest thank you.

So now its a holiday for me for two days. One day has already passed and on Monday, I shall be starting another program. I hope it will go smoothly, chances of which are very dim if you ask me. Let's see what happens!


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