Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Quick Post....

I am at Bombay. Its been like crazy yesterday since I had to catch a flight from Allahabad back to Delhi and immediately after 2 hours from that, another flight to here. Needless to say, it squeezed me like anything. Good thing was that I was having a holiday today so I could recollect myself. Its raining like crazy here. I like rains but not like this. Its like in a minute, its clean than its raining and its not just raining , its like raining like cats and dogs. And I can see the status of the roads after the rain which gives me goosebumps. Another reason may be that I don't like this place too much. Anyways, enough of ranting, as I am not going to stay here for long so I shouldn't be complaining either.

This time the hotel that had been booked for me, it gave me a room which is junior single room. Not sure that when they put the title then junior meant for the room or for the person? Its like 10X6feet wide only where one can barely go on a bed that's all. Thanks to budget constraints, I can't switch to another room too.

You must be thinking that all I am doing is just putting my complaints here. Well I can't help it as the time is not so good. There are tons of things going on the personal front which are just making me so much upset. And may be that's the reason that though that I am not a sort of person who normally complains much but may be my mood is so pist off at the moment that I am not able to like anything. Let's see how the program starts tomorrow? Irony is that its among the toughest programs and I am sure so will be the guys too. (No) Fun fun!


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