Monday, August 04, 2008

A Special Note....

At times, when there is so much wrong going on,all one needs is some one to come along , sit  besides and say , hey don't be worried, everything is going to be fine! It may not solve the problem at all but those words act like a life saver. And its not just true for that person who is having problem but also for those who are along with him. In the time of problem only , it becomes evident who is a real friend and who is just a phony! Yes I am seeing some of this at the moment myself. My problem is that I am not having a habit of praising people too much. I just can't do that. I say a few words and that too not to that person him/herself but to some one else. I just can't say long phrases in praise of anyone. And if I don't say , I certainly don't like people doing the same for me as well. I really like those who would come and tell me how "bad" I am rather than trying to put over the seventh sky with praises. I can't help it, its just me.

Anyways as I was saying that in problematic times only , it becomes evident who is really that what he/she claims to be and I have tested that myself. I won't speak about those who don't give a damn if some thing goes wrong with near and dear ones. But those who stood with you in your bad times, despite anything, despite bothering and caring about themselves , they are the people who really have a heart of gold. I am not sure that whatever I am going to say here, I shall ever go and say the very same to that person face to face ever. May be some day I shall say some what of it but I really can't be certain about it. My friend Amandeep whom I talked about here when he got engaged is the person whom I know now for so many years( I wont tell you exactly how many , I am sorry). We know each other from our high school days. So many things we have done together, so much time we have spent together. I feel so much proud when I hear from him that he got very few true friends in Ludhiana and one among them is me. I know for him, my name comes on the top of that list. Its just feels like yesterday when I sit back and think about a kid who was speaking so much and perhaps was the naughtiest guy in our class. Both of us have seen so many times together, good as well bad both. And in our families, we are not two different guys, we are just a part of each other's families. He is a married man now but still for me , he is the same Saini which he was so many years back. Unfortunately he is suffering from so much bad health issues at the moment and I really wish from the bottom of my heart that he gets completely recovered as soon as possible.

So Amandeep is the guy about whom I can say that he is the oldest and among those very few whom I made friends, real friends. But he proved to be much ahead from that. We are not just friends, he is like an elder brother for me. Despite all of my stupidities, my arguments, he is the one who have always stood beside me. It really doesn't matter where he is, for me , he is always there , may not be physcially but mentally , he never lets me sit alone. There is some problem going on in the family. Despite knowing that for Aman, due to his health, its really difficult to travel, I had no other choice but to call him and ask to come along. I shall be lying if I would say that I am surprised that he didn't spare a minute and he was there. I knew that if not anyone else, Saini would be there when I need him. Today I wanted to say so much to him what I was feeling but just like typical Saini, he shut my  mouth and sent to get some thing for him. I am not sure that he would ever come and read all this. But yes for me , he holds a very special place. A place which is not shareable by anyone, place for a brother who may not be my real brother but he is much more than a real one too. I want to say so much more but I guess I wont be able to and its better I keep those things within myself for that moment when I shall get a chance to tell Amandeep what place he has in my heart and how much he means to me as a brother , as a friend.

I am talking about people and if I wont mention about someone whom I want to be here at the moment , it just wont be right. There are so many people who are there with you but at times, you need some one to be with you when all others leave and you are again left alone. Those who leave, they don't do it because they don't want to be a part of your problem but because doesn't matter how ever one is closest, all have their own lives as well and they simply can't leave that just for you. I agree some people do that too but the number of those can be counted over finger tips. And its not a wrong thing to do at all. But when all leave, one needs some one who would sit with you holding your hand and say, its okay, just don't be worried I am with you. And that person can't be everyone, its just someone special only. Some one who is much higher from all, some one whose lap you look for a sleep, whose touch you want over your forehead to take away all the tensions and tiredness. Some one who is just yours! I am not sure that "some one" would ever read this or not but yes its true, I am missing that person at this moment so much! If you want to know who is that someone special, I am sorry I wont tell you. Its just that I know if he/she ever read this, he/she would understand in an instant that I am talking about him/her only.


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