Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Day Worth Remembering....

I finished my program today. It was a big chaotic one when it got started. This was the first of the kind program which I had done. This is not the usual one as here the people who came were the faculties in multiple engineering colleges. It was not the usual kind of program as there were alot of speeches, formal startup of the program happening in the start. And not to forget, I needed to travel 140kms everyday back and forth from my hotel to the venue.

Despite all the hassles, bad food at the venue , the guys were great. They gave me so much of respect and displayed so much of eagerness to learn that I really forgot everything. It was a very good feeling to make people aware about some thing which I really like, Oracle database.

In the end, there was a closing ceremony. I am not really the kind of person who likes too much of speeches, formal sort of stuff that mostly is artificial only. But it was a part of the program that I had to attend it with another person who was also a part of the program( and will be in next week too) despite that I really wanted to go back to the hotel as I am not feeling well at all since yesterday. The ceremony started with usual speeches from all the management people. After that, it was asked from the participants to share their experiences. To my surprise, 3 from my group stood up and talked about it. I really don't like to see my name coming up anywhere but it did come and in a good way. It was some thing which really makes me uncomfortable as I don't know anything at all and I think that I really don't deserve those words which I heard but still I am so much thankful that guys did find my little knowledge helpful for them. Then next it was the event of handing over the certificates.  Now happened some thing which was unexpected. The certificates were supposed to be distributed by the management people but the director of the host institute insisted that I should hand over the certificates. Now I wont say that I got goosebumps but just that I don't think that I am elgible enough for this honour. But I had to get up and stand there so I did that. The moment I stood up, there was a big applause. After handing over couple of the certificates, I insisted to call the other guy too. When I got back to my seat, the director of the hosting company said, it seeems you have a huge fan following. Well what I could say on this? So I did in which I am perfect, just gave a smile and said,its just their kindness that's all. After the tea, all the guys were smiling so it means that everything went well. To my surprise, they brought a present for me, a symbol of the city where I am in at the moment. Well all I could say then and now is thanks,it means so much!

It was an event which I would remember always. But still, I don't deserve that much what I got today. I know nothing yet and for nothing, its too much that I got today.


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