Thursday, August 14, 2008

Issues, Issues & Nothing Else....

Its been the crazy 4 days. I am not sure that I ever got into such a bad situation before and I really wish that I won't ever get into the same again. Nothing else except issues I am facing from last 4 days. I can't even get upset over the responsible guys as they are novice and they did beyond what they could with their limited knowledge. But still, what ever may be the reason of it, the task didn't get complete and every day I am feeling like fresh meat thrown in front of hungry lions. I am just trying out that things sort out and nothing bad would happen. Okay so you must be thinking that what is there so wrong that happened? Well now you have asked so let me tell you. I needed 8 machines to be up and running with Linux and Oracle database installed before I could start. I was told that it is done and its "perfect". I thought it would be the same only and landed up at the venue. Guess what, nothing was there. Since last 4 days , I am working round the clock to set up the things. Now its impossible to install 8 machines with o/s and Oracle but when you got another scheduled task in your hand which you need to do for 8 hours daily , there is no media to install both the softwares and you are told no one in the city carries them either, I don't think that there is much that you can do about it right! That's the same happened for me too. After 3 days, today we have got the VPN access to some remote machines. I just hope that this wouldn't let me down now. I am really so much upset and frustrated at the moment. I am not really having a single clue why the heck people don't give value to commitment and promise and just take everything as "it would work because God is there". Come on, give me a break!


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