Monday, May 19, 2008

Windows 7....

Windows Vista probably proved out as the worst step taken by Microsoft. Last time when the same response was give to any version of Windows was Windows ME or Windows Millenium edition. The kind of hatered that it received from public was enough to hurt Microsoft for couple of milleniums. May be that's why after just one year of the release of Windows ME, we got Windows XP, by far the best product release from Microsoft if you ask me.

Now as Vista has ruined the reputation of Microsoft as a company and have made people lose trust in Windows operating system completely, may be for this reason Microsoft has decided to revamp its operating system completely and is working upon Windows 7. The product looks more stable as compared to its base release Vista. But still it will take a year or two may be before we can see it into action. It looks promising from the videos which are on YouTube. Lets see whether this will be the life-saver for Microsoft before it gets completely blown away by Linux, Mac.

Here are some videos about Windows 7. Alot more are there on the site.Check them out too!

Lets see how it comes when finally its out for us! Looks promising though!


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