Sunday, May 11, 2008

Travel Cancelled....

Well yes its true. I am not going at the moment as per the pre-scheduled program. Last evening, I met with an accident and its going to take some time for me to get recovered. So the travel is canceled now. Its just amazing to think that one minute back you were fine and having a tea with your friend and the next minute , you are lying on the road with lots of people surrounding you as you presented a classic movie stunt scene with a completely smashed vehicle and lots of bruises and wounds everywhere over your body. Isn't it? Well it was quite some time since I met with an accident. The last one I can recall was about 4 years back before my first travel to Malaysia. It was a big one. And this time also its at the same level. I wanted some break but definitely not like this and by this reason. Anyways can't help it now. Its already happened so just hoping that I shall recover soon. Lets see!


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