Friday, May 02, 2008

Back But....

Yes I got back today morning from a 8 day program. I was supposed to be spending just 4 days and was going to leave on the last Sunday only. But all of a sudden , last Wednesday I received a call from the India core delivery manager that there was a program which was going on but now halted. So he immediately asked me to come and take over it. There was a lot of mess that had been created in the class from the last instructor. I don't like to pass comments on any individual in general. Reason for that is that its neither professionally nor personally ethical. But there are certain things which are certainly not acceptable. Every profession has some regulations and rules to follow and it doesn't matter what and who one is, he/she has to follow all of those in order to be called a true professional. Some how this was some thing which the past instructor completely ignored. I never heard ( neither can tolerate) that an instructor challenges a student that he knows better than the student. Heck if that's not true than why the heck you are standing in front of them in this role. You are supposed to know "more" than them than only you can be called an instructor. And if you are challenging a student than I guess you have completely lost it. I really don't care how much or less you know, you are an supernova world renowned expert even if you don't know how to speak in a public event where people have paid to listen to you and have expectations that they will not just experience a good technical experience and discussion but otherwise too, a healthy and friendly atmosphere as the technical training's are not like college or school classes. Its just a discussion between two professionals where they are sharing their knowledge with each other and helping each other to improve. If some one challenges a student claiming that he knows better than him than I guess that person must not be allowed to come even near to the classroom as an instructor. He himself needs to sit in the class and understand certain things. Anyways these and many more things like that happened in the class when I took over the charge. It took me a a lot of while to make things work in the way they should had been from the start but some how I tried my best to fix all broken things and links. I was able to make people leave with a smile on their faces and I guess that's what is most important.

After that program, I had to start my own program which when I started , I got the feeling will not be a smooth sailing at all. There were two main reasons for it. One was that I was covering three different modules in 4 days. Second and I guess the most crucial one was that all the guys were pretty experienced, ranging professional experience from 4 years to even 12 years. That makes the things really tough as the level of the program goes really high and with a guy like me who knows only  "o" of Oracle,its surely not the best thing that can happen to me :-). Some how I did manage to things and with the co-operation of the guys, everything went well. I must say that I did learn a lot from the guys. While leaving, everyone did come back to me and shook hands. All were smiling and I guess that gives the sign that things went well :-).

It wont be fair if I wont mention that Guru Parsad helped me a lot to understand Oracle Real Application Clusters. I couldn't get a chance to attend his class as I was occupied in my own program. But hats off to that guy , despite being so tired, he still gave me time every day and made me understand some of the toughest parts of RAC. I am not sure that I still understood the concepts completely as RAC is not so easy but yes he did make me take the first step. I shall surely say that if there would be some one else, he/she wouldn't had done in this way which Guru did.

Ok I guess you are still wondering that why I mentioned this "but". Well the answer is that I am leaving again tomorrow and this will be an overseas assignment. I am not much worried about the program content. What is sending chills in my spine is that there will be a big communication blockage that will happen as the guys who will be attending my program don't understand English so well and I speak ( as others say) really really fast. I really don't know what will happen and how? Lets see. I shall be starting tomorrow. Today there are so many other things to do too. And the first among all those is have a sound sleep :-). So I am going to bed guys. See you after a while.  Adios!


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