Monday, May 26, 2008

Just A Wish....

We never wish to cry or be in tears do we? ?We always want to be happy and smiling all the time. But some times, all one wants and wishes is to hug some one so tight and just cry his heart full! But some times tears despite being our best friend , leave us and don't come! They don't come because there is no one around whom we can hug, there is no shoulder besides where we  can rest. That hurts so much! So much!

I am quoting few lines which are penned by the legend Shiv Kumar Batalvi, a writer about whom it is said that he doesn't write words but fire. These are explaining the feelings of a person who is just broken and just wants to cry thanks to the endless pains! These are in Punjabi. I shall explain the meaning in English in a while. Have a read,

Jaach aa gayi hai mainu gam khan di,
Hauli huali ro ke jee parchan di!
Changa ho gaya tun paraya ho gaya,
Mukk gayi chinta tainu apnan di!
Mar tan jan par damma walio,
Dharti vi mull hai vikdi shamshan di!
Na deo mainu saah udhare dosto,
Lai ke mud himmat nai partan di!
Na karo "Shiv" di udasi da illaaz,
Ron di marji hai aj beimaan di!

And their meaning in English is,

I know now how to swallow pains,
How to cry and entertain myself!
You have left me,
There is no hope that you will be mine ever now!
I wish I could just die dear friends,
But I can't as the land in the graveyard also comes with a price!
Don't lend me these breaths any more friends,
I don't have any strength left to pay them back to you!
Don't do any remedies for my sadness today,
All I want to do today is just cry and nothing else!

I have nothing to add after these lines. They have said it all!


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