Friday, May 09, 2008

Purest Of Pain....

Here I am sitting on the airport waiting for my flight. I don't know from where I have come to this song. But since the first time I heard it which was about 10 minutes ago, I am not able to stop myself from listening it again and again! I have lost words. I wont be able to tell you why I did like this song and moreover why you would like this song if you will. But I shall say this for sure that if you have ever fallen in love and worst, got hurt by your love only, you would love each and every word of this song. Here are the lyrics for this song. Listen it here,

Why it happens that even when you are hurt by your love, you still love him/her? Why it happens that no matter how much pain, tears and cries he/she gave you in return for all the love and care of yours but still your heart always have just and just love for him/her and misses him/her with each and every breath of yours? Why it happens? A question which I guess has no answer and probably never will have too!


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