Sunday, May 18, 2008

Random Thoughts On Random Matters....

I didn't write anything since I have come back from Hong Kong. There are two reasons for it. One is obviously my health as with the accident, I have so many injuries and at times they do pain too. So that leaves me with a lazy feeling which stopped me from writing. That's actually is not the main reason for not writing. I am feeling a weird feeling of emptiness, a zero-inspiration sort of inner thing due to which though I have certain things in my mind but still I didn't write anything. Its just so painful at times to think about certain things and more painful when you can do just one thing, thinking about those matters without being able to actually do some thing about them. You can fight with anything and anyone but there should be someone who should be supporting you in that fight, in that process, should be happy on your win and should stand at least with you in that fight. You can't fight with anyone when for whom you want to fight this whole world. he/she doesn't give importance to that fight. I guess I have gone out of track. I was supposed to talk about reasoning's why I didn't write but I guess I have started some thing else. I shall stop here otherwise it will turn out to be total out of track blog post.

Now when I didn't write and I am not working ( on  a break thanks to accident) than how I am spending my time you must be thinking and wondering? Well sadly I am not able to go anywhere so despite I am willing so much to visit Cafe Coffee Day , I am not able to. So I am at home all the time, listening to so many songs. I am listening to Kawalis by late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sahib. There is a saying about kawalis that one can't understand them unless he doesn't have a pain inside his heart. If you have pain, sadness than only kawalis will mean some thing to you and you will be understand to real ,inner meanings of them. Kawali is a form of singing which is done normally on the mosques like prayers to God. But now it has been so popular that mostly everywhere you can listen it. Late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is one of those very few kawali singers who made kawali popular in the entire world. I shall share the kawalis which I listened all this while ( and still listening) with the translations.

Besides this, I am on OTN Forums answering people's questions. Its a great fun and complete addiction if you ask me. But yes its an amazing feeling to help some one getting his/her work done or make some one understand a concept. And I shall be honest with you that doing this is making me learn so many things which probably I would have missed. There are lots of genius people over the forum which are much much knowledgeable than me and are on the forum from so long. Its a great pleasure to read their answers and it never misses to amaze me that there is so much yet left for me to learn. As I always say, I know nothing about Oracle but it really comes out to be true when I see the immense knowledge of so many peers on the forum.

I am not a very big fan of cricket. I have practised martial arts for so long and I am always a die hard fan of it. Not because its a good game but because its not a game at all. Its an art, a real study which keeps on going with your life. I never understood cricket and I really doubt I ever will. But cricket is like a religion in India. I don't know why! Anyways at the moment, entire world at the moment is talking about only Indian Premier League or in other words IPL or 20-20 cricket. I am not still watching it. I only listen about the results. The only two matches that I saw some what were of Shahrukh Khan's team and Mukesh Ambani's team and Punjab's team with Delhi's team. I am not sure that what is happening and how but yes it was a good fun. Ok if you are thinking that I like cricket or I have started "liking" cricket than the answer is plain NO. I have no idea why 11( I guess I am right) people are mad about one ball and 2 bats!

There is nothing much that is happening at the moment. I thought I shall study but I couldn't. I shall start it pretty soon. There is a lot to do and I have not even started yet. Well started only I can say to tell the truth but its not in that speed in which I normally work. Lets see what happens?


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