Monday, April 21, 2008

Will You Always Love Me....

Love is a feeling which defies time, age. Love should have no limitations of caste and creed and most importantly, person must have a faith that his/her beloved will love him/her for forever doesn't matter what will happen? Even when the times will not be smooth and winds will be hot, the love will not fade away. Its just so easy to say but its so much tough to do. It takes a lot of guts to stand beside your love and hold his/her hand all the time without caring about yourself. As it is said,one has to dance on the streets even when its for his/her love and there must not be any shame in it as its for none else but for that person whom you love. Not many actually do it or I should say are capable to do it. Its very easy to say I love you but its much harder to actually prove that love!

If there is some time, one needs to ask his/her beloved that whether he/she will always be besides , will he/she always be in love with you, I guess these are the best lines which one can say to his beloved. As I always say, love is not about the red roses on the valentines day , its not the chocolates and precious gifts, its not night long phone calls and its certainly not just to say I love you. Its much more beyond all this!

Please have a read of these lines which a lover is asking his beloved that will she love him even when the times will change, when the red roses will fade their color! I don't think there can be anything better than this to ask your beloved whether he/she will love you for what you forever? Have a read,

When summers have passed beyond
my fingers on both hands!
When the color of my hair matches
the color of the full moon!

When my body takes a different shape
and the pounds are easily seen!
When the excitement felt from my
touch seems to lose its magic!

Will you see me in a different way?
Will your love for me change?
Or will you whisper each morning I
am still the love of your life?

Will you look upon me with the eyes
that adore and cherish me then?
Reminding me why you chose me to be
the one you share your life with?

Will your voice of reassurance when
I am blue, be a measure of your love?
Cradling me in your loving arms when
you see a tear escape my eye

All of these questions and many other's
wander through my mind as I say,
Hold me close my darling and let me feel your heart beat against mine!

These lines depict the pain of that person who is left alone by his beloved and is asking god what is left that he couldn't do to make his love stay with him. They are in Punjabi. I shall explain the meaning in English in a while.

Kai rattan ho gayian, na soyen asin!

Rattan nu uth uth ke, kinni vaar roye asin!

Rabba bas ikko swal tere naal!

Ena pyar kar ke v, sajjna de kyon na hoye asin!

And their meaning in English is:

Its been so many nights that I haven't slept!

I have been getting up in the nights and crying!

God I have just one question to ask you,

Even after giving so much of love,

Why I couldn't be of my love!

I shall just say this only that there is no happiness compared to the one which comes from this feeling that your love is always with you , besides you holding your hands , even when the times are tough! There is nothing else which will make you feel  king of the world except that your beloved is with you in every happy and sad moment of yours! But at the same time, there is no pain also like the pain which comes when you are left alive to see every day that your love only left you alone when the promise was to be together for forever! It hurts more than words can tell when you see that the one you loved more than yourself, he/she never loved you and left you in a wink of an eye. At that time all you think is this only that what is left from your side which couldn't make that person loved you? But sadly despite all the efforts possible, you are never able to find any answer of this question!


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