Wednesday, April 09, 2008

And They Call Themselves Professionals....

I visit Oracle Forums very often. Its a good place to have a look at lots of interesting issues, interact with a lot of genius people from around the globe. I do try to answer questions with my little knowledge. Its an open and free forum but some times , its really weird that how on earth some one can be like this? I am not really sure that the original poster really have an issue or he is just making all the posters over the forum fool by asking this kind of question or behaving like that? Its kind of sad and funny both but to be more precise, its actually more sad to see these so-called professionals ( if they can call them so) behave so silly and then blame others for not being friendly and helpful. Hope the original poster will get the answer or better he would learn how to behave in an open public forum.

For those of you who don't do/study/work in Oracle Database, don't be worried.  Just read the post and enjoy. There is no technical content in the post already :-). Just read and have fun!


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