Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Back, Tired & Sick....

I just got back few minutes ago at home. Its been a tough tour. Partly because the modules were tough and so were the audience but the major reason was ( and still is) that from the day when I landed up at Delhi, I again fell sick, some thing which is happening since last 3 weeks continuously. Its really tough I tell you when you are coughing every second minute and you have to speak for 9 hours giving a lecture. Believe me its not that easy! And the same happened with me since last 4 weeks. I don't know the reason but I guess what some one said to me long time back about how I work and its side effects is coming as true. He said to me that I shall burn out very soon and I believe the process is started. Well its okay. I am known for pushing the limits so lets see how long I can push me and everything else :-).

It was tough program as the audience was very sharp and to add on, the modules itself represented lots of challenges. Not that I had not delivered the modules before but they are like this that each time they appear as new and one learns some thing totally new from it. That's the same happens with me all the time and this time was no different from the past. I learned lots of new stuff and gathered new doubts to clear. But despite all the issues and problems, I was able to end both the programs with a smile on every one's face and that's what matters the most for me. So I can say over all , it was a good tour.

I thought that I would get back immediately once I shall finish the program. But when I started, I was told that it wont be on the stretch program like I though but I would be having a one day break. Okay I wont mind but some one must tell me this too that what I should do on that one day break:-). Normally I would sleep or watch tv when I shall have a break as both the things I am not able to do normally but I thought this time I wont do the same. I really wanted to have some sleep as I am not able to sleep for more than few minutes thanks a bit to my health and thanks a lot to some memories of some persons which come and haunt. Anyways before I shall get off track, so I decided that I shall go to office on weekend which was for me , was just for one day (yup I am talking about Sunday as I already had a working Saturday) and do some thing there. I spent about 6 hours there since 9am and then I thought I shall visit a friend whom I never met before but I know him for some time through Oracle forums and blogs. So at about 3 I left to meet Amardeep Sidhu. We were going to meet for the first time but we both knew each other from some time now from blogs , forum. I found him the same as I pictured him in my thoughts, a very friendly , cheerful person, having real good interest in Oracle. A good knowledgeable guy. He has a misconception that I know "a lot" about Oracle which I really don't know how has come into his mind. But anyways, we spent about 5 hours struggling to make Oracle Data Guard work which we made to work till 90% despite the fact that we both were trying it for the first time, especially me for whom it was the first hand shake with Data Guard. Still we could not make it completely work but then it was very late so I decided to get back to my guest house. Amardeep told me that he will try it later and update me about the progress. And today only when I was in the bus, he called me to tell that finally every thing is working fine as per the need :-). Now I have to test it myself once and than you can call me for your Disaster Recovery solution using Data Guard :-). Its always good to put faces on the names and to put a real person on the picture. That's the same happened in this meet of mine with Sidhu. I hope he felt the same.

So today finally finishing the program, I left for home. I really wanted to get back home as soon as possible as my strength was getting diminished and I really didn't have stamina to go for another program. I had one program for another 2 weeks in pipeline but I have canceled it for the moment. I don't think I am physically fit to take it up at the moment. There are so many things which are bothering mind , some from the present and a lot from the past. I guess I at least need to sort out my physical botherings because this is what I need to do what I do. So lets see how successful I shall be in doing this. Its quite late now so I am going to the bed now with a hope that I may get some sleep. So see you tomorrow morning guys.


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