Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Disaster Dinner....

Ok I should not be that much rude in my words. But the issue is that I am unable to find any better word. It was a long time since I had gone out for a dinner outside and the same is true for my sister too. So I decided that we will go for dinner and will also take  her colleagues, Jahed, Rini , Nupur along with us. So the message was passed and finally we were told that they all will join us too.  So far so good.
So I left in the night at about 9 to pick sis. Before that I had to meet my manager who was leaving for Malaysia today. He wanted to talk to me over couple of new ventures and plans. Well it didn't go so well. Also there was another colleague who was more interested in knowing why I went to Malaysia rather than anything else.  I guess all want to know that only and I really don't find myself comfortable talking about it. That was enough to put me off the track. Anyways what happened there is not having importance, at least here in this post. So I was saying that I left at about 9 to pick sis. Before leaving, I called up Jahed who told me that all of them would be ready by the time me and sis would come. So I picked up sis and we reached the colony where Jahed and all his teammates live. I knew the address but the location which was told to us was incomplete so we wasted about 15 minutes roaming on the streets looking for the address. Sis finally called up Jahed and told him that we are unable to trace their house. Jahed asked us to wait and he came up with 6 of his team members. Alright now the biggest question was that where we should go? I normally go to "Saubhagya". Its opposite to that Cafe Coffee Day outlet where I am very frequent so I know the place and the people. The only issue was that we had got just 2 bikes and there were 9 people. Not a good thing if the place where you want to go is about 3 kilometers far. Well we had to do some thing so we decided that we will drop girls in couple of round trips. Some how, we all got to the place.
Well as I was the host so I decided that Jahed and others will take the control of the menu and will order what ever they want. This decision was based on this assumption that what can go wrong in it as we were there for dinner and they will for sure order dinner only. There was the place where I could not see what was coming. I really don't know the reason but excluding sis, all the girls were crazy only for rise. I don't know what was the reason for this but all of them, not missing anyone but all of them ordered only rise with different taste. So we finally got 4 different flavors of rise and 2 full bowls of each flavor. And they added curd , manchurian with it. I was looking at sis who clearly knew that I was not very much happy with this order of meal. But there was nothing I could do in it. Its not that I don't like rise but only rise, I have a little problem with this. If this would be the only thing , I could have managed some how. But there was more to add to it. All the other people excluding me and sis just forgot that we two are also there. Okay they were all team members and stay together but they were with us or I should say we were with them too. But no one seemed to be bothered about this and were busy in themselves. All what me and sis were doing was try to smile over the jokes and try to make sure that we don't look that we are not feeling comfortable there.
Well finally dinner( if I can call it ) came and some how we had a little. So we all came out and said good night to all. I was hugely pist off and so was sis. Well there is nothing we could do in it. So we just got back home. I don't feel tired easily but I was feeling  yesterday and I really needed to have a tea. So me and sis had tea and than we went to bed. It didn't turn out the way I thought it would be and I was much more upset because it was meant for sis and she only enjoyed it least, be it food or people. Over all , it was one dinner which turned out to a total disaster.


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