Sunday, April 13, 2008

Krazzy At Rush Hour....

No I am still in my senses and I have not struck in any rush hour too. Its just that I happened to see two movies in a row today which were absolutely equal in everything of them. So at the end of the movies, all I am left with is with this confusion that what was that in both the movies which can be called either a story or action or acting despite both were made by some of the biggest names in the movie business? Yes I am talking about Krazzy4 and Rush Hour 3. I don't whether I should say it was my bad luck or good luck that I saw both the movies in a single day. So here are my thoughts about both of them. Yes only thoughts as the review I can't do because for that I should be able to understand what the movie is all about which sadly I am still trying to get my hands on.
Krazzy 4
Rakesh Roshan is one of the finest directors which we have in Indian movie industry. Despite few bad movies , mostly all of his movies are good entertainment. And with that last sensation that he created with Krish , it actually made him stand in the club of the best talent that we have got in the direction. Said all this, I don't know what went wrong with him that he has made this movie. Those who know me , they know it very well that I don't go to movies. Its been  a long long time since I had watched any movie in a movie hall. Yes I wanted to go long time with some one but it didn't happen. So you won't find me at least not in a movie hall doesn't matter what comes and goes. But today my sister  and her friends J R, N made the plan to go for a movie. And as they were going and I happened to be at home so they pulled me in too. Well as I said some where up just now that these are just my thoughts and should not be called as a review. The movie is really not the type of movie which I thought it would be. It was supposed to be a comedy movie but despite some short moments of smiles, the movie presented nothing but some sloppy jokes and some mixed and messed up situations which were just added to create humor. There was no story ( or at least not the one which a mortal like me can understand) which was leading movie anywhere. All that was happening was chaos in the whole movie which at least failed to make me laugh.  Can't say music was there or not because for me music means that there is a song which has some lyrics and is having some music playing in it but if one calls some lines which are put together having some sounds coming in the background from electronic instruments that I can't call it music. Shahrukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan has done promo song for the movie which has too not helped in making it a one time watch too! Over all for me it was a complete torture. The only thing I enjoyed is to be with sis, J and N. Aah and before I forget, the pop corns, corns and my coke too!
Rush Hour 3
Jackie Chan is among those few martial artists which are known for their talent. And Jackie has made a reputation of his own by doing all of his stunts on his own and with his unique comedy coated action scenes. But I guess with the time and with lots of commercial factors involved , one has to leave what he does and have to get along with the trends of the trade and I guess that's the same which Jackie is doing now. When I came back from the movie Krazzy4, Rush Hour 3 was coming on cable tv. I started watching it just because I thought this would be a better one than the other. But I was very much disappointed to see that it actually was on the same track which the other movie was. On the name of action there was a lot of camera shaking scenes, on the name of the comedy, Chris Tucker was repeating his same old style jokes and again the movie ended with nothing. I don't have any idea what to miss and what to talk about the movie. I can just say this much that this should be the end of at least Rush Hour series. There is enough that we have seen on the same story line in all the three parts and now Jackie and Chris must try out some thing new. I can say this for sure that the track which plays in the end "What is it good for, absolutely nothing!" suits the movie perfectly well!
I don't think that if you are a fan of Shahrukh and/or Jackie , you have liked my words but I can't help it. There is nothing which I can say was good about both of them. And I guess you can feel the pain that if someone goes especially to watch a movie after years , he can expect at least some thing good! A complete disaster night!


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