Monday, April 30, 2007

At Last....

If you know me you must also know this that I love music and in that on the top of every thing, Punjabi Music.  There are so many songs in my favorite list.  
But this post is not to tell you about my interest in music and also not to tell you that I have my favorite music video lists .This is about 2 videos ( Punjabi) videos which I have just found and have recently added in my list.  These are among those very few ones which are so much close to my heart, both by their lyrics and music.  Also their videos say so much.  So what exactly is so special about these videos you must be thinking?I mean they are just like any other song and video that is out there in the ocean of ever increasing songs/videos.Isnt it that's what is in your mind at the moment?Well if yes than I would say no its not like that.  Want to know why they are different?Than keep on reading.
A few months back, I posted some thing with title Feeling Expressed Magically Truly. This was about a song Heeriye sung by Shail. This song is one of my most favorite songs.But at that time, I just posted the link to download the audio version of the song.I couldnt find the video of it anywhere.I found the video today on YouTube. Its an excellent video.The lyrics and video have a little mismatch( check the previous post for the English translation for the lyrics) and also the video goes in a different manner where guy is not paying attention towards his gal's love and in the end finally is left alone to cry.But the lyrics actually say some thing else.If we just leave that part, the video has been made excellently.I know some one who cried the same way as Shail acted in the video and just like he had a friend in the video, that guy also had 1 friend standing beside him when he was crying sitting on the road.Just like Shail, that guy also sat in the corners of his room and cried for so long hours trying to tell himself that its not a joke, its a reality that he got a slap from not anybody else but from his own love.It makes me remind of that guy who just like Shail sat on his knees and nearly begged for love but he just got to hear,"I have nothing to do with you anymore,I never intended to be with you for forever.Its all over between us.I am so much happy after leaving you." I am not sure how people forget that its not easy to heal those wounds which are given by from those whom we loved so much.How people forget that even if wounds are healed, their signs will never go.I always say its very easy to make a relation and its much easier than that to even break it but what's so much tough is to maintain it, stand with your loved one and face everything.But its not something which can be done by just saying it.It takes alot to do this and one needs not to think about his own profit/losses/happiness/sadness.He has to live for the smile and happiness of that other person.Than only some one can go till that limit of love.Something which is not so common in today's time where people prefer to forget what they have done to someone and act as like nothing has ever happened.Love is not so much simple.Its an act of giving everything for the sake of some one else and still be happy to smile on that someone special's face.Its an act of losing everything of yours and still feel to be complete with the love of your beloved.But it needs heart to understand all this and courage to step on this path of love which is full of thorns and promises to make you bleed more and more as you will walk over it.Shail sung this song and expressed the emotions of a broken heart so much truly.Video is very nice as I said before too.It depicts the emotions of that gal who sat and waited for her love to come so that she could celebrate his birthday but her heart was crushed.Again it reminds of me someone who went all the way across the sea to see someone whom he loved so much but he had to hear that it was just an act of selfishness of him and he was never asked by anyone to come all the way over there to see someone.It was his decision and no one wanted him to come there.I shall just say that its very easy to break someone's heart and joy by saying some thing.One doesnt require any special skills to do except a heart which doesnt understand and respect someone's true emotions and love.If you dont have that heart, its one of the easiest things for you to do.But remember, it takes a lot to do some thing for someone and it requires a lot of guts and dedication to do some thing for some one.If you cant appreciate some one gestures, some one's love and emotions than you have no right to hurt that person too by saying this that it was his own selfishness and self taken decision to do some thing for someone.Respect that emotion, respect that love coz you may not realize but by saying that you have killed some one's inner soul and made him believe that he got punished for a crime that he never did, he made a mistake for the smiles of his beloved but it wasnt good enough.This song and its video both are woth to watch and listen.Do hear it and see it.I can assure you that you wont regret.
The second video is Kaawan by Bikram Singh featuring Gunjan. Bikram Singh and Gunjan are among the best vocal artists in United Kingdom of Punjabi music.Gunjan is one of the most popular and talented female singers in UK who has given life to so many songs by her voice.This song is sung by both of them.It represents the emotions of a gal who is sad because of her love who has left her and went far away.The lyrics of the song are awesome.Its a traditional Punjabi song with emotions depicted so beautifully.A very nice song and video indeed.A must watch!!!!
I  am posting links on YouTube for both the songs once again.Do watch and hear them and let me know your views.And also don't forget my lists of videos on Orkut and YouTube.Here are the links:
Heeriye on YouTube
Kaawan by Bikram Singh & Gunjan on Youtube


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