Sunday, April 08, 2007


Yes I am back.  I came back here at my home in the morning at about am yesterday.  This trip was a real tough ride for me but some how some way, I made it alright for me and the all who were related to it.
So I left for Hyderabad on 28th of March.  Flight was okay.  Nothing much special was there about it.  Well as they say, everything cant and wont be alright always so when I didn't find any problem with the flight, I got one when I landed.  My pickup cab didn't come.  Okay I shall admit and say that actually it did come but it came when I left the place in an another private cab which I took up from the airport.  My driver got late by 20minutes, yes you heard it right.  I said 20 only.  I don't like to wait and also to make someone wait so I left from the place.
Well I didn't have the class on 29th but still I went to the office.  Everyone was great.  Something is there which is hurting me and making me feel so much bad.  I must say that I am really worried about some things too.  When one maintains a very good relation with someone and without any fault of yours, if you have a chance that everything can get spoiled than you must will get worried.  Well I shall tell the entire thing later some time.  I just pray and wish to God that everything remains calm and right just as it was all this while.  I have got enough of problems already so I just don't want to add a new one on the top of it.
Anyways program did well.  Though this time, I am not sure why but I was very much scared from inside but still somehow everything went on its place.  It never happened that in initial 2 hours of the class, some one had already given the feedback(positive one) but this time, someone did that.  Well  I was a little happy hearing from my manager that everything is going well but as its me and my nature, I don't ( and cant) relax till I wont finish my entire assignment so I just kept quite.  Everything went well in the end.  So am I happy now?Well if you are asking the truth, no I am not.  Coz I don't get happy with being best.  I need to be best out of the bests.  So I shall try to be that in this part next time.
In all this, Ratinder ma'am took us all for a small treat on the occasion of her brother's victory in elections and on the birth of her niece.  She,Jyoti,Lakshmi and me , we all went to Pizza Hut.  I Was fasting so I just had lemon tea  but yes enjoyed all the time.  Still it was really nice to be with all.  Next day it was my turn coz somehow my program went well so all asked me to get them to Baskins & Robins ice cream parlour.With all the others there, we invited one more friend Abhijit there.  It was really nice to be there.Reetinder ma'am took me to CCD in the weekend.  After a long long time, I went to CCD.It was nice to be there.
In this program, I was supposed to come back on 6th but there was a sudden city level shutdown was announced.  So on that day , me and Ratinder ma'am went to Lakshmi's home for lunch.  It was after so much long time that I went to someone's home for lunch.  Met with Lakshmi's sister, brother, mom.  It was so much nice to see them all doing so much for us.  We spent about 4 hours there.  It was really nice to be there.  Some how some moments become never forgettable and this was one of them.
On the whole, this trip was an okay trip.  I managed to finish my programs with a smile on their face.  But some how now I am a little worried over some thing.  I shall talk about it in  my next blog.  I am so much sleepy at the moment.  So see you after a while.Ciao!


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