Saturday, April 28, 2007


Yes I came back today morning.  Tired?Yes I am so much tired as some how the whole trip was a little shaky one.  Some things happened which never happened up til now.  So how come my journey could be smoother.  Anyhow I am back for a short( very short ) time as I am leaving on 1st of May for 3 days.  I didn't think that I would go over there but some how my fate is taking me there so can't help it.

Anyways so as I said this whole trip started with some shocks and new things which didn't happen in the last trips.  My manager asked me collect a laptop on my way to Bangalore from New Delhi office so even though my flight was late in the night,I had to leave early coz of this issue.  Another issue was that I had to push it in my luggage some how which was already packed.  Anyways some how I did that.  Than the cab driver, he over charged saying that it took him a long long way from coming to bus stand, going to the office and than to the airport.  Well I was told something else and that person was not available at that moment so I just gave him what he asked and made promise to myself that I wont call this guy again.  Ironically, after over charging me that driver said next time, do give me the call not the other guy whom you always call.  Well as those people who know me, I don't get angry easily but its not that hard too for me to not to get upset at some moments and that was like one of those moments.  Anyways , flight was okay, it was on time.  So rest everything did go fine.  I landed up at Banglore at about 12am and took the cab to my guest house.  I didn't know that place as I was going there for the 1st time and my intelligent driver some how didn't know that place :-).So guess what could be the result?We lost :-).Yup.  After some wrong turns, some enquiry, some calls to the caretaker at the guest house, we finally made it at 1am in the night and I had a class at 9.30am in the morning for which I had to leave at 7am as the place was far and the traffic becomes really "great" when its office timings.  So after a glass of juice, I was on the bed thinking about the next schedule which was going to start from next morning.

Well the program started well.  There were mix participants.  Some from technical  computer back ground, some from novice side.  It always happens in the introduction class.  But it was nothing unusual except one incident which never happened ever before.  I wont tell it here but yes it did shake me from head to toe when I first heard about it.  My manager, whole team was so much surprised and me, I was not just surprised , some how was crushed when did hear about it.  I have tried my best to put things right always but some how, still I have got a black spot on my name.  I hope and will try my best that the same incident wont be repeated ever again.  The second program went without anything like this.  I guess it went well.  I am saying guess coz now I wont be ever able to say the same words that I used to say that it absolutely went well.  But everyone looked happy and smiling so I guess it must have gone okay.

Rest everything was just as usual.  I was alone and there was nothing to do, not even some one to talk to.  I met my friend Sally there with whom I went to market just for changing my environment for some time.  It was after a long time since we last met so it really was nice to see her after such a long time and also to see that she is doing very much fine with her both personal and professional lives.  The food for all these days except breakfast and lunch( which was in the office), it was so much hard for me to eat all that.  I didn't like anything.  But some how had to bear it.

So finally yesterday I was supposed to come back.  Everything was fine but I had to collect again a laptop and its carry bag and had to deliver at the office.  Well I couldn't go to the office at midnight so some how an alternate arrangement was made and some one was sent to pick it up from me after dropping me at the bus stand.  Well that is the next half of the story of coming back.  The terrible or I should say funny thing which happened in the starting only that I was overweight in my luggage coz of some books that I bought and thanks to that carry bag, I had to pay for the overweight.  Well that's okay.  So I got my boarding pass and was in the plane, made my self sit on my seat,given by flight ground check in staff.  In the meantime, some one came and said excuse me, this is my seat.  WHAT?You know what, we both got the same seat numbers :-).Well luckily we were not alone who suffered from this but there were about  7 other passengers who had the same story to tell.  Well I was already sitting on my seat so I was there only (and till end, I was there only) but some other poor souls really did suffer so much when in-flight staff made them sit from one seat to another.  It was like we were sitting in a bus and everyone is fighting for a window seat.  I teased those air hostesses so much.  What else I could do?I didn't want to shout at them so that was the only way, smile and make others smile too.  So I told one of them that if I not going to get seat, I am going in the cockpit and I shall sit with the pilot.  That poor girl really did think that I am going to do that and started explaining me that I cant go in there and its not allowed and all :-).Well it was fun.  Anyways, finally we started.  After some initial shocks and heart stopping jerks, we finally landed at Delhi in one piece,we I mean to say me and my aircraft :-).

Well cab came and I gave the laptop to the driver who was supposed to go and hand it over in the office( and he has done it,I got the message from my manager in the morning while coming back) and was in my bus.  Well I had to sit with a gentleman who was really knocked out by having a lot of wine.  I cant stand all this but some how I had no choice and place to go.  So I had to sit with him only and that made my life hell for those hours when I was in the bus with him.  Some how I managed and got back home.

Now I shall have some sleep for some time.  My mood is so much upset.  No not from that incident, its okay.  It happens some time and some times its important for these things to happen too.  They teach you some lessons which help you always.  I learnt a lesson too from all this.  But the reason of my mood is not fine is some thing else which I wont say here.  Hope I shall be fine by evening coz I have to attend a friend's wedding in the evening.  Will tell you about it once I shall be back.  Till then, it sleeping time.  So I am signing off . Aadios!!!!


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