Friday, April 13, 2007


Few days back, one of my old friends came from UK and met me.  He came to my home.  We were meeting after almost 3 years.  He did somethings for which I told him and myself that I wont forgive him ever.  This happened when he was leaving.  And I didn't forgive him till now.  He came to home and tried to explain me all the things that why he did all that which hurt me that much that I was forced to take that rude step, what he was feeling at that time?In the end he asked me to forget everything and said to me that whatever he did had a reason behind it.  He wasn't happy hurting me but he had no other choice.  So did I forgive him?I shall say the truth that I did.  Not coz I was convinced from his explanations or satisfied from his reasoning but coz he asked sorry from me and he actually wanted to be with me.  Its not so much important that how much one says sorry, its more important that how much one feels sorry inside him!
There are some feel sorry for their wrong acts.  Their explanations can be heard, they can be forgiven too no matter how much they have hurt you.  Their reasons don't sound folly.  Their explanations doesn't sound hollow.  For those people, reasons given by them really do mean something.  But there are some who don't ever bother to say sorry.  Who don't bother to accept that they were wrong ever.  All they say is just explanations.  All they give explanations, reasons for their acts and they just want that it should be accepted.  They say that we know that we did hurt you but there was a reason for it.  I don't know why people forget that no matter how much important anything may be, how one can forget, how one can overlook that all the times its not so easy to do some thing than come back and say sorry.  Sorry is not the cure of everything.  Sorry is not the answer of every sin, every crime.  Sorry doesn't alive dead.  Sorry joins broken glass and sorry can never ever heal broken hearts.  There may be ( and there always are) thousand reasons that can be given to justify that why one did hurt some one but which reason will make that hurt soul forget that pain?Which explanation will make that broken heart forget that hell in which he had to pass through?No reason , no explanation is good enough to prove that when you hurt some one who loved you from the bottom of your heart, it was right to do.  But some people , they don't care about all this.  There are some in this world who even are ready ( and also in real some do this) to give their head for one tear dropped from the eye of their loved ones but there are some in this world too who themselves give tears to their loved ones.  There are some in this world who from their own feet crush that very heart who loved them from the deepest core of it.  There are some in this world who do all that and say that it was done on coz a reason.  May be there actually can be something which can be said for something like this.  May be there actually can be a reason which can be given for hurting some one this much that he forgets to smile after that.  May be there actually can be a real explanation that you kill someone alive and leave him for dieing with every passing breath of his.  May be there can be a justification to say someone who loved you so much that you have nothing to do with him anymore.  May be there can be a reason to tell some one who crossed miles , oceans , mountains for you that he was a foolish,selfish who did all that, no one asked him to do all that and it doesn't matter too that he did all that.  I am not sure that how it can be explained. I know this that there cant be any explanation for tears given to someone for no fault of his.  These are the lines from a lover who is left with tears in his eyes.  He is trying to explain what these tears are expressing.  These lines are in Hindi, I shall explain the meaning of them in English in a while.  Have a read:
Aankhon se behte ashq nahin,
Khoon-e-jigar ki rawani hai!
Kuch teri bedard bewafai ki,
Kuch meri luti wafa ki kahani hai!
And their meaning in English is:
Tears which are flowing from my eyes,
That is the blood of my broken heart!
Its a story of your cruel betrayal,
And my lost love!
I shall conclude by saying this that some things are not explained from any reasons.  Some broken things are not healed by reasoning and sorries.If that would be the case, we would have never felt any need of finding out what is right and what is wrong coz every wrong thing could have been made and proved and justified right by saying sorry.  But no its not the case.  Some things can not be explained by reasons and no explanation is enough for some things.  Never do such a thing.  Never assume that after hurting someone and not just any other person but the one who loved you from the deep of his heart, when you will say sorry, it will heal every wound on the heart and soul.  No it wont do that all the times.  Remember, heart once broken are never  healed and tears dropped once never go back in the eyes again.


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