Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Friend's Reception....

In an earlier blog  of mine, I told you about my friend Raman and Shuchi who got married.It was a love marriage and more over an inter-caste one.It was great to see that the couple stood with each other and made everything possible.They didnt let caste-creed come in between their love and fulfilled the promise that they gave to each other.
On this Sunday, we organzied the Reception party for them.It was organized at Casala Le Baron Palace here in Ludhiana.It was great.With about 1000+ guests including all of the relatives,nears and dears of Raman,all of the friends it was a memorable night.We all had a great time and enjoyed the company of the friends,met some whom we couldnt meet in the recent times,thanx to our busy daily lives.Everything went so very well.We got back at about 2am,tired but with a feeling of satisfaction and with best wishes for the newly wed couple for the success and happiness in this new phase of life.


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