Saturday, June 17, 2006

My Blog journey....

There is always that one doesn't know about something and than somehow he/she is introduced to it and he/she finds himself/herself completely hooked to it.  It happens to most of us on so many times.  Same happened with me too before I started even reading blogs,forget about writing my own.
I had heard about this concept called,Blogging for so long and so many times but I never bothered to check what exactly it was all about and what one has to do with it.  Ok you can call me whatever you like but that's the truth.  So despite having an idea about this bloging concept,I still was an alien to it for quite a time.
Then,one fine day,Tom Kyte introduced his blog  in addition to blog was supposed to be at a place for him for sharing and discussing things/matters/experiences which were mostly non-technical and the content was way more light and cool as compared to AskTom.Well I started reading it and I even dnt know when I got completely hooked from it.  So much fine pieces of writing,so much to learn was there in it.  As Tom started his blog on Blogger and there were so many times when I wanted to post my comments too for his writings.  I wanted to contribute my thoughts wherever possible.  And I didn't want to be an "anonymous"(no harm or bad thing to be one though), so I made an account on Blogger myself and also setup a blog named Aman's Blog. I never thought that I would be writing one day in my blog too.  For me it was just a place to maintain a list of my favorite sites that I visit almost every day and my favorite blogs which I try not to miss reading on any single day.  So there was just one entry in my blog for about an year.  Then after a mental setback which shook me so deep inside,I thought to jolt down my inner feelings in the form of this blog.  I never wanted to make this blog specific to one particular thing/topic,that's why I have mentioned that it will have anything that will be an eye-catcher for me.  So after almost an year,I started writing about things which I were coming across in my daily life.  Sometimes there is not any event,not anything specific that I write about but just there are just my thoughts,my inner feelings about topics which may be irrelevant to many but matters to me so much.  Now I have this blog up and running.  In addition to it,I have a replica blog on with the title, Aman's Blog....ANYTHING goes here!.I shall continue to post on both of these blogs whenever I shall post anything.  You can read this same post here on WordPress blog.
So that's how I started writing these blogs and I must say that I really liked the concept so much.  I hope I shall continue to write this not-so-good piece of literature in future too. My heartiest thanx to all of you who stop by and spend some moments to share my thoughts with me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To blog your feelings to express yourself with words,they are very important,in doing so you not only understand yourself but the world around you.

happy blogging and peace

June 17, 2006 6:29 PM  
Blogger Aman.... said...

Hi there,
Well said and very true words!
Thanx alot for the wishes from my heart.

June 18, 2006 1:08 AM  

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