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Love,some folds unfolded....

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Distance in love is something which is so much painful,so much hurting.  It can only be imagined and felt by those who have to suffer the punishment of staying alone from their loved ones.  Long Distance love is therefore termed as not so much successful coz the couple feels that something is missing somewhere.  I do agree that its very important for the couple to stay together and be there for each other but I feel at the same time,love is something which is not so much weak.  If such a minor reason can fade away your love than you must seriously reconsider that are you really in Love? Distance hurts but the strength that love gives is so much more strong than that.  Distance is not painful because there is a hope,there is always a wish that one day you two are going to be together.  Those who are in love and have to stay apart from their loved ones,just remember that this is your strength and trust on your love which is being tested at this moment of time.  Have faith,trust on your love and be strong.  One day you are going to be together.  Remember nothing comes "easily" and what we want the most and are desperate to get/achieve,it will always come to you when you will really wish for it from the deepest corners of your heart and work for it in the best possible way.  Always remember, the best and most priceless pearls are always hidden in the deepest and darkest water only!
Distance is something whose pain can be tolerated.  One can bear that pain with the strength of the love of his/her love.  But something else is also there which just burns the heart and tear it apart in the manner that it can never be healed back.  That is betrayal in love.  There is nothing,no word,no sentence which can express how much painful it is when it happens that whom you have loved the most,hurts you the most!Its true that those whom we always want to stay happy and can do anything for their just one smile,they give us tears which sometimes don't stop in the lifetime too.  For some,love,its promises are just like wardrobe which they can always alter,change and throw away.  They never care that how many holes that wardrobe has taken,how many painful stitches it went through to bring that smile on your face.  I know its not a very good analogy but its just to tell that it hurts so much when you change someone's life,give him/her a hope,a new way to look the world i.e through your eyes only and then all of a sudden you,just in a moment,take all that back,leaving that person just in tears and cries.Dont forget,there is never a single person who is in a relation.  A relation is always started and maintained by 2 people.  If you were not able to continue and give it an ending which would have given both of you memories which you can cherish for your rest of the life,if you were  not able to give smiles to that person,you have no right to give tears either.Dont think that time heals everything coz wounds may  heal but the signs of them are never gone.
I have just heard some very touching lines which are describing the pain of a girl whose lover has left her.  These are in Punjabi language.  I shall explain the meaning of them in English just now.  Have a read:
Pyar oh jo ruhan de tak gujre
Tak ke pyar jatana koi pyar nahin!
Dilan wich je fasle reh jawan,
Sajan gal na lana koi pyar nahin.
Jionde yaar de dil nu dukh deke,
Pichhon kabar te aana koi pyar nahin!
Tera pyar kadkadi dhup sajna,
Din nal hi dhal gaya v
Tun ki jana is dhupe sada ki ki jal gaya v!
Loki tere bare puchde,mud mud ke na daseya jave,
Badobadi aa jawan hanju,utle mano na haseya jave!
Akhiana di lali tak sajna,kai ratan hoian saunde na!
Asin sauna v kis gallon ve jad sufne de vich aave na!
Here is the meaning for these in English:
Love is something which goes beyond souls,
Love expressed by just looks is not love.
If there are distances in hearts,
Giving hugs and kisses is not love.
If you hurt your love when he/she is alive,
and you come to his/her grave when he/she passes away and shed tears,is not love.
Love is not sunshine which goes away with the sunset.
People ask where are you,I cant lie them again and again.I dnt know what to say.
Tears come by themselves whenever I talk about you.I cant smile with force.
Look at my eyes coz they are so red.
I didnt sleep from so many nites.
Why to sleep when you are not there anymore in the dreams of mine.
I shall conclude just by saying that Dont hurt your love ever coz smiles will come to you only when you spread them.Never expect smile and happiness when you are spreading tears and pain.


Blogger RollerCoaster said...

heavy stuff dude!

did not understand all the punjabi but got the idea..

October 02, 2009 12:17 PM  
Blogger Aman.... said...

Read English translation, it says it all. If still not clear, I shall tell you! Other than that, how is it?


October 02, 2009 12:21 PM  

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