Monday, June 12, 2006

Blog Kidnapping....

Yesterday when I tried to read Doug Burns blog,I was shocked to see that the link didnt take me to his blog but to some other blog which had no entry in it and it of some unknown person.I tried to figure out for one minute what it was.Well I couldnt find out anything.Then on Tom Kyte's blog,I found that Doug Burn's blog was kidnapped.Needless to say that I was shocked to see that.Doug has shifted his blog to here and luckily for all of us,he took the backup of the entire earlier blog so his new blog has all the old enteries with the comments too.But it provoked a question,"What if the same happens to me?".
In internet world,its not a big thing to happen.It happens and doesnt matter how much one tries,one have to accept that we have no apparent control over it.All we can do is to be take precautions and as we say in our Database world,take a backup of all the data which is important for us.That backup must be capable enough to put us back on the track in the case of the loss,failure.So what I do to make myself safe?As we all know,Blogger has no capability to "export" the blog.So I maintain a replica WordPress blog.It has all the enteries which I publish on my Blogger blog.Just in case,Blogger is not available or some problem occurs,you can catch a parallel blog of mine on WordPress.Next time,Tom founded a very nice utility,BlogCollector[Lite] which lets you publish your( and any other blog too) blog to a PDF file,which you can safe on your disk and use to re-create the blog just with a cut-paste from it.Very nice,very much efficient.I did publish my blog's pdf file just now.And I shall make it sure that I am gonna be regular in doing it from now.
Blogger has taken some steps to stop the spam.Now they have put a Word-Verification on the Publishing of the posts.A nice step to stop the robots and spammers but it breaks the editors.I use an editor about which I shall blog in future very soon which lets me write and publish my blogs very easily.Sadly,now I have to go to Blogger,complete the verification and then I can publish my blog.Not so much difficult thing to do,but for a lazy person like me,who likes as less moving pieces as possible,really not something very pleasent :-(.
On conclusing note,just this comes to mind, why do people do anything like this?What does it will give to anyone?If one is that much talented that they can break through all the securities of a website/blog/whatever than use this knowledge to help the company/people to be more efficient in their service.Destroying someone's work is really not a very good example to prove one's knowledge.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is indeed very disheartening.But I am glad u posted it.Because we never think to take backups before something like this wipes out all of our precious thoughts.
Human beings can be so incredibly cruel at times,they think the only way to increase their self-esteem is through harming others.It is a sad reality that not everyone has good intentions...
God bless u Aman for posting this...

well done!

June 12, 2006 4:02 PM  
Blogger Aman.... said...

Hi Anonymous,
Its really very annoying to see that without no fault of ours,someone just comes and destroys all that which took a long for getting created.I have not found the answer that one will get from doing such act.
It is a sad reality that not everyone has good intentions...
Indeed a sad but realistic fact.
Thanx alot for the wishes.

June 12, 2006 9:20 PM  
Blogger Aman.... said...

I have not found the answer that one will get from doing such act.
Please read it as:
I have not found the answer that what one will get from doing such act?

June 12, 2006 9:33 PM  

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