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Love,some folds unfolded II....

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When one is in Love,in a relation,there is an utmost desire to do something for his/her love.  To make him/her feel special,to make him/her feel that she/he is the only one for whom we are living for.  To show how much we love him/her and how much he/she matters to us,mean to our heart?Every  breath that we are taking,every heartbeat which is coming,is coming with his/her name.  In our very existence,that person lies within.  In every corner of the world,there have born great lovers who have created stories of love and sacrifice which have set milestones  for people of next generations.  So much,sometimes it feels amazing and surprising,sometimes it occurs weird to some that why there is a need to do anything like this for some human?Why there is a need to give him/her the place of God?But it can be understood only by those who have ever loved someone or have been loved.  There are no words which can describe that feeling of contentment,that satisfaction and shine which comes in the eyes when one hears those words of appreciation and affection from his/her love.  There is no reward like that.  There is no gift which can be as much special and priceless as that smile which comes on your love's face when you make her/him feel so much special.  People have set examples by doing this for their loved ones.  Taj Mahal is one of the biggest and oldest examples of this.  For a promise given to his love Mumtaj,Shah Jahan spent 20years and made it and set an  example for the coming so many generations how much one can be devotee for his/her love?What you are going to do for your love,it has nothing to do with money.  It has not any relation how much lavishly you do it?All what matters is that you do it with just one feeling and that's Love for your soulmate.If you have that than whatever you will do,doesn't matter how much big or small it may be,it will be the best thing in the world for your love.  Your message will be heard and she/he will come to know how much you want her/love her?If you have done something like this too and like to share your experience,feel free to leave it in comments.
Doing something/anything for Love and your soul mate is so much special.  Yes it brings so much of joy,so much special feeling in your heart.  A feeling of contentment that yes you have done something for your Love and have somehow brought a smile on her/his face which is so much difficult to get in today's world when we have never ending pains and sadness all around us.  That smile is more worth than millions of wealth even.  But what if your Love asks and demands proof from you?What if he/she asks you that prove your love to me because I have some doubts on you and on your love?What you will do than?How much right it is to demand a proof from your love?In a relation where the couple is staying far from each other like in a long distance relationship,these things are more common when either one has some doubts on their partener.For some reasons its natural too but than how can one say that he/she is in real Love with that person?How did your heart say to you and convinced you at the first place that yes she/he is the one whom you were always waiting when you have doubts and need proofs from your love to prove,what,his/her Love?This is not just restricted to couples living far from each other.  This happens in there too when two are living at the same place,city,state,country.  But is it really right to ask to do so?I really don't think it is even close to being right.  True love needs no proofs.  There is nothing which is demanded in true love.  You just believe that person blindfolded.  You just give.  I know some of you may not be agreed with me but that's what I feel.  If you really love someone,love and trust her completely.  There must not be any doubts that must be there in your heart on your love.  How can we love someone when we have doubt in our hearts for that very person?True love needs no demands and proofs.  Distance,miles doesn't matter because there cant be such place where one cant see and feel his/her love.  If your love is true,your heart and soul will tell this to you by themselves.  You don't need materialistic proofs to make it sure and believe to you that someone loves you.  Always remember when you are asking proofs from your love,its not he/she who is not true,its YOU who is in a fix,in a doubt about your Love.  Its you who must look within yourself and ask whether you really are in Love or not with that very person?How many proofs will take to prove one's love?I dont think there is anything which can prove one's true love.If it would be that easy to do,it would had been done so long back by someone.  Its something which no one is still  not able to do and never will be too coz its just a feeling which can just be felt.  It has no shape.  Its something which starts from your heart,grows and lives there for the rest of your life.  There cant be any anything which can PROVE someone's Love!
These are the lines which one gal is saying to her love.  She is telling him what she can do for him and what she has decided to.  Its so touching to feel her deepest desires in these lines.  These are in Punjabi.  I shall translate them in English just now.  Have a read:
Tere naam te umar likhan devan,
Har janam milan da kar wada!
Je main phul ban gayi ta pau phul banana,
Iko tahni te khilan da kar wada!
Hovan din te suraj banana pau,
hovan raat te channa,chann ban jai!
Tainu dil di gal suna ditti,
har janam milan da kar wada!
The translation of these lines in English is as follows:
I am going to write my entire life on your name,
Just promise me that only you will meet and love me in every life of mine!
If I shall be a flower,promise me you will be too and you will be with me on the same branch.
If I shall be a day than you have to be sun and if I will be night,you have to be moon.
I have revealed and shared my deepest desires to you now.
All I need is a promise that you and only will love me in every life of mine!
I shall conclude by saying this that do whatever it takes to bring smile on your love's face and make her/him feel so much special.Whatever it takes,how much big or small it may be,just do it!Dont think that what you are going to do,what place it has in someone else's or this world's eyes.You are not doing it for world.You are doing it for that promise,for that smile,for your loved one who matters more than this world to you.Just go ahead and do it.But never ask any proofs from your love to prove his/her love to you.Its a slap on the face of your lover and an insult of that love which he/she has for you in his/her heart.True love never expects and seeks any proofs and explanations because there cant be any for it.You love someone because you just have to.If there is a reason for it  which you need,if there is any proof to be somewhat sure,ask yourself twice are you really in Love?


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