Sunday, June 18, 2006

Music review, Ahista Ahista,Krrish,K.A.N.K....

After quiet a while there is some good music out there in movies.Normally its not very common that motion picture tracks are upto that quality in the terms of melody,lyrics.But recently,Fanaa proved to be a very good album.There are so many movie tracks which get released every year but very few are able to grab some sort of attention.Here are 3 which I liked.My take on all these is:
Ahista Ahista
Being a Punjabi, Sufi music is something which I always liked and loved.Its so much difficult to sing Sufiana music.Oh I am sorry Sufi is an Urdu word.Sufiana music is the music which is devoted to God.So its so much deep from every aspect of music,be it singing,music,lyrics.Ahista Ahista's music director ,Himesh Reshamiya tried to create the same sort of music with this motion picture.No harm in being creative,but being too much confident on yourself sometimes fails to create that impact which it has.Sufiana music is among the toughest forms of music and its not that easy to replicate it.There are 14 total tracks which includes remixes of some originals(nothing speical as its a Himesh's movie and he constantly forgets that he is not creating a POP album but music for a movie) and 8 original tracks.Despite trying too hard,the music fails to create that flavor which its trying to imitate.Title track,Ahista Ahista is a good one but its not that song which you can play again and again in your player.Allah Kare is again trying to bring the Sufiana taste in it but sadly couldnt even catch the flavor of it.Himesh has put a Qwaalli too in the music.I am not sure what he was thinking when he was recording it coz  I never could find that it was a Qawaalli till the end of the song.It was when I read the title of the song,than I came to know that I am supposed to belive that its a Qawaalli.
There are some other songs in the movie too but I guess I am not able to comment anymore on any song from this movie.Himesh is a good artist but he must remember this that there is no one in this world who is Mr/Ms Knows-it-all so surely he is not the one too.Its good to be creative and being in an industry like this,one has to be,but still there are some limits to everything.Even too much sugar tastes bitter.Remixing is not the solution of making every track a hit track and so is not to sing every song by yourself,specially if you are a music director not a SINGER!I thought for so long that I should add a few songs to my favorite list but I couldnt do that.Sorry Himesh,couldnt help it!
After so long, music director Rajesh Roshan is back with his music in his home-production movie,Krrish,directed/produced by his brother Rakesh Roshan,starred by his nephew,Hrithik Roshan.Rajesh Roshan is not much seen in the other production houses so there is not much that comes out from his side but when it does,it surely makes the wait the worth.Krrish's music is once again proving this point.There are total 7 tracks in the movie,including 2 mixes.Album is comprising of very soulful and melodious music.Lyrics are superb.Koi tumsa nahin is  the best song to dedicate for your loved ones.Great lyrics and excellent music score!Pyar ki ek kahani is again a soft number with the same ingredients,great lyrics and similar music.Main hu woh aasman is a purely romantic number.Dil na diya is a fast dance track.Once again knocking them all down who thought that Rajesh Roshan is not able to create dance tracks that well.Great song!I didnt like much Chori Chori Chupke much but I guess its not possible to please everyone,specially people like me ;-).In total,a must listen album!
Kabi Alvida Naa Kehna(K.A.N.K)
One of the most awaited movies of this year, home production of producer/director,Karan Johar's Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna's mucic was released on the 16th of June.By looking the past record of karan's movies, I must say that I had very high expectations from the music of this motion picture.But sadly,I am disappointed from what I have come across.Music of this movie by the trio,Shankar,Ehsaan & Loe.This trio is among the best musicians in the Hindi Film industry and have created waves with some of their past number like Dil Chahta Hai.But as I just said a while ago,sometimes trying to do something way too much different puts you away from the track.I guess the same has happened here too.Movie consists of 7 total tracks with 1 mix, 2 dance tracks and 3 "proper songs". Title track is by Sonu Nigam.Sang beuatifully but somehow I couldnt connect myself with the song.Not bad but not good too.Mitwa is another track which I didnt want to listen after hearing once.Tumhi Dekho Na is a nice but IMHO a way-too-much-slow track.Then there are Rock and Roll and Where is party tonight,kind of hip-hop numbers but again,I didnt want to listen them after playing them once."Farewell Trance" is theme music.Nice composition but I didnt find earth below my feet shattered when I heard it though.To sum up,the music of K.A.N.K is lagging far behind from the standards which both karan Johar and the trio of Shankar,Ehsan and Loe has set in their past.This was music,lets see what movie brings to us.Fingers crossed already!


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