Monday, April 21, 2008

Will You Always Love Me....

Love is a feeling which defies time, age. Love should have no limitations of caste and creed and most importantly, person must have a faith that his/her beloved will love him/her for forever doesn't matter what will happen? Even when the times will not be smooth and winds will be hot, the love will not fade away. Its just so easy to say but its so much tough to do. It takes a lot of guts to stand beside your love and hold his/her hand all the time without caring about yourself. As it is said,one has to dance on the streets even when its for his/her love and there must not be any shame in it as its for none else but for that person whom you love. Not many actually do it or I should say are capable to do it. Its very easy to say I love you but its much harder to actually prove that love!

If there is some time, one needs to ask his/her beloved that whether he/she will always be besides , will he/she always be in love with you, I guess these are the best lines which one can say to his beloved. As I always say, love is not about the red roses on the valentines day , its not the chocolates and precious gifts, its not night long phone calls and its certainly not just to say I love you. Its much more beyond all this!

Please have a read of these lines which a lover is asking his beloved that will she love him even when the times will change, when the red roses will fade their color! I don't think there can be anything better than this to ask your beloved whether he/she will love you for what you forever? Have a read,

When summers have passed beyond
my fingers on both hands!
When the color of my hair matches
the color of the full moon!

When my body takes a different shape
and the pounds are easily seen!
When the excitement felt from my
touch seems to lose its magic!

Will you see me in a different way?
Will your love for me change?
Or will you whisper each morning I
am still the love of your life?

Will you look upon me with the eyes
that adore and cherish me then?
Reminding me why you chose me to be
the one you share your life with?

Will your voice of reassurance when
I am blue, be a measure of your love?
Cradling me in your loving arms when
you see a tear escape my eye

All of these questions and many other's
wander through my mind as I say,
Hold me close my darling and let me feel your heart beat against mine!

These lines depict the pain of that person who is left alone by his beloved and is asking god what is left that he couldn't do to make his love stay with him. They are in Punjabi. I shall explain the meaning in English in a while.

Kai rattan ho gayian, na soyen asin!

Rattan nu uth uth ke, kinni vaar roye asin!

Rabba bas ikko swal tere naal!

Ena pyar kar ke v, sajjna de kyon na hoye asin!

And their meaning in English is:

Its been so many nights that I haven't slept!

I have been getting up in the nights and crying!

God I have just one question to ask you,

Even after giving so much of love,

Why I couldn't be of my love!

I shall just say this only that there is no happiness compared to the one which comes from this feeling that your love is always with you , besides you holding your hands , even when the times are tough! There is nothing else which will make you feel  king of the world except that your beloved is with you in every happy and sad moment of yours! But at the same time, there is no pain also like the pain which comes when you are left alive to see every day that your love only left you alone when the promise was to be together for forever! It hurts more than words can tell when you see that the one you loved more than yourself, he/she never loved you and left you in a wink of an eye. At that time all you think is this only that what is left from your side which couldn't make that person loved you? But sadly despite all the efforts possible, you are never able to find any answer of this question!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Test Your Oracle Knowledge....

I am not sure how I got to this link. I was looking for some information on Oracle 11g and some how I landed up on this web page. I shall post the source once I shall be able to find it again. This is a test that is made to check one's skills about Oracle database. Though not so tough and may be a little deprecated one too , still its a good fun to test your skills for Oracle database over various topics of it. Check it out here,

I took the DBA 1, 2 and Performance Tuning tsets. Well your truly scored 90% in DBA and 80% in Performance Tuning. Never mentioned that I am an expert in anyways so I guess no issues ;-).

A Disaster Dinner....

Ok I should not be that much rude in my words. But the issue is that I am unable to find any better word. It was a long time since I had gone out for a dinner outside and the same is true for my sister too. So I decided that we will go for dinner and will also take  her colleagues, Jahed, Rini , Nupur along with us. So the message was passed and finally we were told that they all will join us too.  So far so good.
So I left in the night at about 9 to pick sis. Before that I had to meet my manager who was leaving for Malaysia today. He wanted to talk to me over couple of new ventures and plans. Well it didn't go so well. Also there was another colleague who was more interested in knowing why I went to Malaysia rather than anything else.  I guess all want to know that only and I really don't find myself comfortable talking about it. That was enough to put me off the track. Anyways what happened there is not having importance, at least here in this post. So I was saying that I left at about 9 to pick sis. Before leaving, I called up Jahed who told me that all of them would be ready by the time me and sis would come. So I picked up sis and we reached the colony where Jahed and all his teammates live. I knew the address but the location which was told to us was incomplete so we wasted about 15 minutes roaming on the streets looking for the address. Sis finally called up Jahed and told him that we are unable to trace their house. Jahed asked us to wait and he came up with 6 of his team members. Alright now the biggest question was that where we should go? I normally go to "Saubhagya". Its opposite to that Cafe Coffee Day outlet where I am very frequent so I know the place and the people. The only issue was that we had got just 2 bikes and there were 9 people. Not a good thing if the place where you want to go is about 3 kilometers far. Well we had to do some thing so we decided that we will drop girls in couple of round trips. Some how, we all got to the place.
Well as I was the host so I decided that Jahed and others will take the control of the menu and will order what ever they want. This decision was based on this assumption that what can go wrong in it as we were there for dinner and they will for sure order dinner only. There was the place where I could not see what was coming. I really don't know the reason but excluding sis, all the girls were crazy only for rise. I don't know what was the reason for this but all of them, not missing anyone but all of them ordered only rise with different taste. So we finally got 4 different flavors of rise and 2 full bowls of each flavor. And they added curd , manchurian with it. I was looking at sis who clearly knew that I was not very much happy with this order of meal. But there was nothing I could do in it. Its not that I don't like rise but only rise, I have a little problem with this. If this would be the only thing , I could have managed some how. But there was more to add to it. All the other people excluding me and sis just forgot that we two are also there. Okay they were all team members and stay together but they were with us or I should say we were with them too. But no one seemed to be bothered about this and were busy in themselves. All what me and sis were doing was try to smile over the jokes and try to make sure that we don't look that we are not feeling comfortable there.
Well finally dinner( if I can call it ) came and some how we had a little. So we all came out and said good night to all. I was hugely pist off and so was sis. Well there is nothing we could do in it. So we just got back home. I don't feel tired easily but I was feeling  yesterday and I really needed to have a tea. So me and sis had tea and than we went to bed. It didn't turn out the way I thought it would be and I was much more upset because it was meant for sis and she only enjoyed it least, be it food or people. Over all , it was one dinner which turned out to a total disaster.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bad Luck....

I thought I am going to attend my brother-like friend Gaurav's wedding but I guess it wont happen. Its too early to mention why so but I know from now only that it won't happen. Its sheer bad luck that I am going to miss it but I really have no other choice. I guess I have to add one more missed function in my list and get ready from now only for the enormous bashing that I am going to receive! Some times you pay a huge price for taking some decisions  and I guess, I am paying my installments.Just can say this only!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Just Lost In Thoughts....

Today my manager called me to give a news that he is going to Malaysia for a program. He called me up to ask about the place , how one manages there, which are the good hotels and about all other usual stuff that one needs to know when he is visiting at a place for the first time. He told me that another colleague of mine has told him that I have been there couple of times so he thought its a good idea to ask me about all this. As much I knew I tried to tell him. Everything was fine till the point when he asked me how many times and I visited there and what was the reason? I have been there 3 times and there are very few who know about this that I have visited there and most of them know about 2 times only. The 3rd visit is yet unknown ( and will be) to many, even for those are among the closest ones! He was completely shocked hearing and he insisted to know the reason what made me visit the place so many times? And he sounded more confused when I said that it was for some personal visit. He didn't ask further and put the call to an end saying that he will share with me his experiences when he would come back. I just could manage to say , yes I shall wait to hear all that!

And I don't  know what I should call it but today only, later in the afternoon, one of my friend called me and asked what is my schedule in this month as there are some guys who want to have a program done on two administration topics. He told me that he has suggested them my name so I shall get a call from them to settle the things. And guess where those guys have come from? Yes, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! I had no words with me except to say, I shall see what can be done.

I wont say what I am feeling? There is no point saying it here.  But yes there are so many things and thoughts which are hurting at the moment. Time and time again, I am forced to believe on this quote more and more,time can heal the wounds but the signs of them never go. Yes its just so true!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Krazzy At Rush Hour....

No I am still in my senses and I have not struck in any rush hour too. Its just that I happened to see two movies in a row today which were absolutely equal in everything of them. So at the end of the movies, all I am left with is with this confusion that what was that in both the movies which can be called either a story or action or acting despite both were made by some of the biggest names in the movie business? Yes I am talking about Krazzy4 and Rush Hour 3. I don't whether I should say it was my bad luck or good luck that I saw both the movies in a single day. So here are my thoughts about both of them. Yes only thoughts as the review I can't do because for that I should be able to understand what the movie is all about which sadly I am still trying to get my hands on.
Krazzy 4
Rakesh Roshan is one of the finest directors which we have in Indian movie industry. Despite few bad movies , mostly all of his movies are good entertainment. And with that last sensation that he created with Krish , it actually made him stand in the club of the best talent that we have got in the direction. Said all this, I don't know what went wrong with him that he has made this movie. Those who know me , they know it very well that I don't go to movies. Its been  a long long time since I had watched any movie in a movie hall. Yes I wanted to go long time with some one but it didn't happen. So you won't find me at least not in a movie hall doesn't matter what comes and goes. But today my sister  and her friends J R, N made the plan to go for a movie. And as they were going and I happened to be at home so they pulled me in too. Well as I said some where up just now that these are just my thoughts and should not be called as a review. The movie is really not the type of movie which I thought it would be. It was supposed to be a comedy movie but despite some short moments of smiles, the movie presented nothing but some sloppy jokes and some mixed and messed up situations which were just added to create humor. There was no story ( or at least not the one which a mortal like me can understand) which was leading movie anywhere. All that was happening was chaos in the whole movie which at least failed to make me laugh.  Can't say music was there or not because for me music means that there is a song which has some lyrics and is having some music playing in it but if one calls some lines which are put together having some sounds coming in the background from electronic instruments that I can't call it music. Shahrukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan has done promo song for the movie which has too not helped in making it a one time watch too! Over all for me it was a complete torture. The only thing I enjoyed is to be with sis, J and N. Aah and before I forget, the pop corns, corns and my coke too!
Rush Hour 3
Jackie Chan is among those few martial artists which are known for their talent. And Jackie has made a reputation of his own by doing all of his stunts on his own and with his unique comedy coated action scenes. But I guess with the time and with lots of commercial factors involved , one has to leave what he does and have to get along with the trends of the trade and I guess that's the same which Jackie is doing now. When I came back from the movie Krazzy4, Rush Hour 3 was coming on cable tv. I started watching it just because I thought this would be a better one than the other. But I was very much disappointed to see that it actually was on the same track which the other movie was. On the name of action there was a lot of camera shaking scenes, on the name of the comedy, Chris Tucker was repeating his same old style jokes and again the movie ended with nothing. I don't have any idea what to miss and what to talk about the movie. I can just say this much that this should be the end of at least Rush Hour series. There is enough that we have seen on the same story line in all the three parts and now Jackie and Chris must try out some thing new. I can say this for sure that the track which plays in the end "What is it good for, absolutely nothing!" suits the movie perfectly well!
I don't think that if you are a fan of Shahrukh and/or Jackie , you have liked my words but I can't help it. There is nothing which I can say was good about both of them. And I guess you can feel the pain that if someone goes especially to watch a movie after years , he can expect at least some thing good! A complete disaster night!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Blog Update To Version 2.5....

Wordpress has released the version 2.5 of its blog. My public domain blogs are already upgraded as being managed by Wordpress itself. But I had to upgrade my private domain blog to the current release myself. I tried it yesterday but some how it didn't work well. Today I tried with Wordpress Automatic Upgrade plugin and everything worked like charm. So if you can read this blog  , I guess everything is up and running.

Wedding, Shopping, Makeover....

So you thought I am getting married :). No its not the case. I am talking about my friend G whose marriage got fixed just few days back. I shall say that's its really nice to see him so much happy. His would-be wife, P is also very good in nature. So as the marriage date comes closer, the preparations have also become more rapid. There are a lot of things to be purchased and the time is very less. So its a little chaos at times that happens. But its fun anyways.
So in the same process, me and G went today to see some Sherwanis. It was the first time that I was going along for some thing like this so it was all very new for me. As me and G didn't have much idea about that from where we can buy and what to see in it regarding the quality and all that so we took along one more close friend of ours, M who got married a year back and had done some real good shopping for his wedding. You can imagine from this that he actually went to a very renowned designer to get his Sherwani designed and stitched for a fortune. Well in his own words,its one time event so its be extraordinary, so I guess if that's true than there are no barriers or constraints. With him, we went to about 3 shops and looked for different designs, clothing. The designs were amazing and not to miss, all the sherwanis were very costly too. So we didn't come up to any decision to buy some thing right away. Well I was the culprit behind it as I mentioned that it would not be of any use after the wedding so instead of that, I suggested for a designer suit. Manish also supported the idea as his sherwani is in the almirah since the day he wore it for the first time. So may be we shall go again tomorrow and see some suits.
G wanted Pto have some face lifting done with some hair straightening. So he called her up and we went  where my sister is also working. After getting P's face work over, we went to Jawed Habib's salon for her hair work. I never knew that this hair straightening takes 5 hours. So for 5 hours, me and Gaurav had to sit there and watch the work done. It was done by the Punjab head of Habib's group, J, an extremely nice and equally knowledgeable guy. It was a good fun to see all that happening. I was amazed to see how much effort goes to make a normal looking face to a stylish one. But I must say the outcome is worth the effort and of price. Puja really got transformed and that was a proof of good work of Jahed and sis.
Well so finally after doing all this, we dropped Puja at her home and me, G and sis came back. There was a time when I used to think about wedding and all this too. But due to some things which happened, I don't do it anymore but still I am so much happy to see G getting married and I am enjoying every minute in this whole process which will keep on going till the big day.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

WWW & Me.....

Well I am using this internet stuff over quite a some time now. As you are reading , I maintain a blog too. Over the time, there are couple of places where I am over this world wide web. Just thought to find all the scattered pieces together and put them here so that I can at least remember where I am :-). So in case, you have not noticed ( no prize even if you did already ;-)) , I have added my profile over different sites where I am. Besides these, I am also on Orkut . So if you are on any of these websites, feel free to drop me a message or friend request. If you are on Orkut, leave me a scrap. This list is updated over this blog of mine, over my Wordpress blog , my Tripod website and on my APEX website too. I am still feeling very lazy to update and launch my own official site. Though its already out there and running but still its not in the shape to bring it out. As soon as I shall be able to put it together, I shall introduce you to it. Till then , visit the other sites where I am to say Hi!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

And They Call Themselves Professionals....

I visit Oracle Forums very often. Its a good place to have a look at lots of interesting issues, interact with a lot of genius people from around the globe. I do try to answer questions with my little knowledge. Its an open and free forum but some times , its really weird that how on earth some one can be like this? I am not really sure that the original poster really have an issue or he is just making all the posters over the forum fool by asking this kind of question or behaving like that? Its kind of sad and funny both but to be more precise, its actually more sad to see these so-called professionals ( if they can call them so) behave so silly and then blame others for not being friendly and helpful. Hope the original poster will get the answer or better he would learn how to behave in an open public forum.

For those of you who don't do/study/work in Oracle Database, don't be worried.  Just read the post and enjoy. There is no technical content in the post already :-). Just read and have fun!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Back, Tired & Sick....

I just got back few minutes ago at home. Its been a tough tour. Partly because the modules were tough and so were the audience but the major reason was ( and still is) that from the day when I landed up at Delhi, I again fell sick, some thing which is happening since last 3 weeks continuously. Its really tough I tell you when you are coughing every second minute and you have to speak for 9 hours giving a lecture. Believe me its not that easy! And the same happened with me since last 4 weeks. I don't know the reason but I guess what some one said to me long time back about how I work and its side effects is coming as true. He said to me that I shall burn out very soon and I believe the process is started. Well its okay. I am known for pushing the limits so lets see how long I can push me and everything else :-).

It was tough program as the audience was very sharp and to add on, the modules itself represented lots of challenges. Not that I had not delivered the modules before but they are like this that each time they appear as new and one learns some thing totally new from it. That's the same happens with me all the time and this time was no different from the past. I learned lots of new stuff and gathered new doubts to clear. But despite all the issues and problems, I was able to end both the programs with a smile on every one's face and that's what matters the most for me. So I can say over all , it was a good tour.

I thought that I would get back immediately once I shall finish the program. But when I started, I was told that it wont be on the stretch program like I though but I would be having a one day break. Okay I wont mind but some one must tell me this too that what I should do on that one day break:-). Normally I would sleep or watch tv when I shall have a break as both the things I am not able to do normally but I thought this time I wont do the same. I really wanted to have some sleep as I am not able to sleep for more than few minutes thanks a bit to my health and thanks a lot to some memories of some persons which come and haunt. Anyways before I shall get off track, so I decided that I shall go to office on weekend which was for me , was just for one day (yup I am talking about Sunday as I already had a working Saturday) and do some thing there. I spent about 6 hours there since 9am and then I thought I shall visit a friend whom I never met before but I know him for some time through Oracle forums and blogs. So at about 3 I left to meet Amardeep Sidhu. We were going to meet for the first time but we both knew each other from some time now from blogs , forum. I found him the same as I pictured him in my thoughts, a very friendly , cheerful person, having real good interest in Oracle. A good knowledgeable guy. He has a misconception that I know "a lot" about Oracle which I really don't know how has come into his mind. But anyways, we spent about 5 hours struggling to make Oracle Data Guard work which we made to work till 90% despite the fact that we both were trying it for the first time, especially me for whom it was the first hand shake with Data Guard. Still we could not make it completely work but then it was very late so I decided to get back to my guest house. Amardeep told me that he will try it later and update me about the progress. And today only when I was in the bus, he called me to tell that finally every thing is working fine as per the need :-). Now I have to test it myself once and than you can call me for your Disaster Recovery solution using Data Guard :-). Its always good to put faces on the names and to put a real person on the picture. That's the same happened in this meet of mine with Sidhu. I hope he felt the same.

So today finally finishing the program, I left for home. I really wanted to get back home as soon as possible as my strength was getting diminished and I really didn't have stamina to go for another program. I had one program for another 2 weeks in pipeline but I have canceled it for the moment. I don't think I am physically fit to take it up at the moment. There are so many things which are bothering mind , some from the present and a lot from the past. I guess I at least need to sort out my physical botherings because this is what I need to do what I do. So lets see how successful I shall be in doing this. Its quite late now so I am going to the bed now with a hope that I may get some sleep. So see you tomorrow morning guys.