Thursday, June 30, 2016

Working, Traveling And Being So Tensed….

I couldn’t write anything since the last post. If you have been a regular here, you must be aware that from the last few days, I am just not in a good mood. It would be better to say that I am really really upset. I won’t mention the reasons here but it’s suffice to say that my head is hurting so much from thinking about many many things. And in between all this, there was a conference that I had to organize and ensure that it would go fine and then there was work for this week, which also I had to ensure that it must go fine. Sounds easy? No, it’s not easy at all. by any means.

And when things are going bad, just everything goes bad and that’s pretty much that I have been experiencing since last week.

It started from my flight. I was flying by Indigo airline, which has earned a very good name about being the most punctual airline of India. But just as I mentioned about bad times, on that day when I needed it to be on time, it got delayed and not just by few minutes but by 2.5 hours. I had thought that I shall reach Delhi and since the conference that I had to be at , was at Chandigarh, I should be able to get some 2 hours of sleep. But now the flight was delayed and with its delay, everything got messed up. I was supposed to reach Delhi at 11pm but instead , I reached at 1am. I had my cab already waiting for me. I thought, it’s still not so bad. I shall say to the cab driver that I want to sleep for some time and I shall sleep when he would be driving. But I came to know that the cab driver is not feeling well and now, I have to change the cab. The next cab that I got was a better one but there was a known person sitting already in it and now, I couldn’t say that I am going to bed cos he was there and I had to talk to him for some time. That’s another thing that despite sitting in the front seat, he fell asleep. Anyways, I was still not ready to lose hope. But then something happened and I realized that the whole plan of me sleeping and taking any rest is going to get screwed up, badly.

Just when we got out of Delhi and touched the national highway, my driver got call from another driver that there is some accident that has happened and due to that, there is a massive traffic jam. It was so massive that the other driver got out of it only after about 4 hours. We thought it would be cleared by the time we would reach to that point. But no, that wasn’t going to happen. When we reached there, we witnessed that there was no way this jab was going to be cleared even till next morning. After waiting for a while, we decided to go via a village which was adjoining the national highway.  None of us knew about the route but we thought that this village can’t have just one entry to it. It was like going through a zigzaw puzzle. We had GPS on and were taking its help and also were watching carefully the other cars which were moving ahead of us. After driving for so long through those narrow roads, we were finally back on the highway and were away from that traffic jam. It was really good to be back on the highway but we had lost a very significant amount of time. And now, there wasn’t any possibility of me getting any rest whatsoever when I shall reach at Chandigarh. And that’s exactly what happened. I reached at about 6am at the hotel Bella Vista. I took a shower, changed clothes and after a quick breakfast and coffee, I was now supposed to leave for the conference. Good thing was that the venue of the conference was about 10 minutes away from the hotel.

The conferene was going to be a full day event.  My team had done everything but still, there is tons of pressure when you organize such events. The event started off well and the delegates did appreciate all the hard work that had gone behind all the arrangements. At about 5pm, we got done with the conference. Good thing was that I was not presenting but was an organizer so I didn’t need to be worried about the arrangements AND my own session. But by 5pm, I was just so much tired. Exhausted would be a better word I believe. All I wanted now was to lay down on my bed and sleep. So I got the cab(which I had booked already) and left for home. I reached home in about an hour. As much as I wanted to have a good rest, I had to get ready for the next week’s travel(to the place where I am sitting right now). So I had just few hours before I would be leaving. Not really something that I wanted but there wasn’t anything that I could about either.

Next morning, I started my travel to this place. I am not sure why but I didn’t have a very good feeling. And that’s what I had felt the entire time since I am here. May be it’s the thoughts, tensions from the last few days or may be something else, I am not too sure. But the feeling is not good and all I want to do is to get out of here as soon as possible. I shall be winding up my work from here in next few minutes and I hope it’s going to be concluded on a good note. I have concerns for that as well. If that won’t happen, that would be the disaster. I just hope and wish that nothing of this sort would happen.

I shall be getting ready to wrap things up here now. Hope I shall get some relief. I shall update the post once I get to know how things ended here.


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