Sunday, June 12, 2016

Some Time, It’s Too Much….

I haven’t been able to update the blog from some time. In fact, it’s been 6 months as I was told yesterday. Though there have been many thing that I did plan to write about e.g. how my team and I had been able pull through a very successful Oracle event at Gurgaon, about the tidbits of the travels and many more such things. But lately, more precisely, this year, I have been much more busy than how much normally I am. At this moment, I am writing this post sitting at the lounge at the airport.

I have concluded a session for a senior group of people last week at Chennai. Though the session was very rigrous but the entire group of people made it very interesting with their interactions, discussiosns and most importantly, with their positivity. We spent  a great deal of time discussing a LOT about Oracle database and in-between, there were small informal talks as well about the place, about floods,  about how Chennai was so cool this time(it was much pleasant weather this time there) and about food. The delegates were so kind and mentioned so many kind words about me at the end of the session. Two of them did figure about my books etc. and have asked me to send a copy with my signature on it. I have promised to do so once I shall be back at home. Most importantly, every one was very happy and a smile on their face—something which is a clear sign for me that I was able to do my work properly.

From Chennai, now I shall be heading to Pune. This would be a session that I am going to conduct for the folks for whom I have conducted already two sessions. Let’s see how the session goes. In this year, I have been to Pune couple of times and though I have still not seen the real Pune city, I have been staying at Vits Hotel. It’s not always that I am happy with the stay at a hotel and it’s even more rare that the hotel staff impresses me in any ways. But this place is different. Not only the hotel is very nice(it’s a 4-star), the food is excellent but most importantly, the staff is amazing. I have rarely found hotel staff being so friendly and helpful. I was told that they find me very friendly and are always very happy to have me as a guest with them. But I believe, the staff is really very good. Yep, I am going to the same hotel this time as well and looking forward to meet the excellent people one more time. Other than that, I am so much tired and exhausted. The only thing that I am looking forward to do is to have a long nap once I reach.

It’s about time for my flight so I shall go now and get a cup of coffee. And speaking about coffee (and yet another thing that I did plan to share but couldn’t ), I have been Starbucks Gold Card holder from quite some time now. Not that’s like owning an American Express Black Card but still, I haven’t seen anyone so far carrying a Gold Card at any Starbucks where I have been to. And I am sure, there won’t be too many crazy people like me who have so much of coffee, right?

It’s time now. I shall be going now. Hopefully, I shall not be posting another post after another 6 months.


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