Sunday, June 19, 2016

It’s Traveling Time, Again….

After spending a day(yep, just a day) , I am back at the airport. If you are a regular here, you must be knowing that I had finished work at Pune and had Saturday free with me. So I decided to go to home cos though it would be a very short trip but any time spent at home is completely worth it.

Flight from Pune to Delhi was a usual one. I had done my web-checkin already(something which I do always whenever it’s possible) so after dropping the luggage, there wasn’t much to do. I had a cup of coffee which wasn’t good at all and was waiting for my flight. The flight was okay but two co-passengers of mine, brought tears to my eyes. The person sitting next to my seat was having difficulty in wearing the seat belt. It happens when the person hasn’t traveled before. I helped him and he was very happy. He asked me where I am going-Delhi or somewhere else. I replied that I am going to Delhi-how about him? So he told that he and his wife are traveling to Chicago, to meet their son who lives in the USA. They were traveling for the first time and of course, were just so much happy. Their happiness was so clearly visible. I congratulated them and when we landed, helped them to get to the transfer counter so that they could get to their international flight easily. I was so happy for them but one thing that did hurt me all the while and even now is that this is something that I won’t be able to see happening. I won’t ever see my dad and mom traveling with me in a flight. No, I am not being negative in my thoughts. I know the reality and doesn’t matter what I say or shout about, it won’t change. May God bless to all those sons and daughters who are able to make their parents fly in  a flight, make them see the places around and the world and may their parents have a very long, healthy life always and their blessings and they are going to be with their childrens till eternity.

At home, the day was completely packed. There was so much to do. All I know is that before I could realize, morning of today had arrived and I had to leave.

It’s going to be two hours before my flight would fly. I am not feeling hungry so I shall get a cup of coffee and listen to a song that I have been sent by a friend. I don’t know how I skipped listening it but it should be good. Yes, it’s a sad song from Babbal Rai. If it’s going to be really that good, I shall be sharing it here along with the translation of it. So check back in a day or two. For now, have a good Sunday and a Happy Monday!


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