Friday, June 17, 2016

Bye Bye Pune….

I have just reached at the airport after concluding the session here at Pune. There is going to be a delay in the flight I believe and I have nearly about an hour to wait before anything would happen.

The week was very hectic. And it wasn’t just for me but for the delegates as well. This particular module is one of the most tough ones to deliver in my opinion. Since I have been delivering it from a long time, it’s still somewhat okay for me but for the delegates, there is a LOT that they have to consume within a very short span of time. And to be honest, it’s not easy at all. I am always amazed looking at the delegates that despite the module is so tough and contains many many things to understand, they are able to grasp, most if not all, of the content. I really feel that if it has to be, I won’t be able to remember a single thing Sad smile. Hats off to all of them!

As I mentioned in the last post, this session was for a group for whom I had delivered already few sessions. So it was great to be back and meet them. Besides being really smart and knowledgeable, the entire group had so much of positive vibes and all were really nice and amazing people. There were few with whom I had lots of conversations over lunch and in the tea breaks on many non-oracle topics too. We all had a great laugh and that made those “cutting chai” breaks even more fun. We developed a practice of not having tea which was arranged for us at the venue but to have it at a nearby shop. Before we would have tea, we would feast upon world famous snack of Maharashtra- Vada-Pav (from a nearby vendor who would make it fresh almost all the time). I haven’t much of Vada-Pav in the past whenever I happened to be at Mumbai but I believe, now I have had it to my heart’s content. One of the delegates J, brought for me today, before I had to leave , two packs of local delicacies. Such a great gesture. So thankful to you J!

Though we had a great time but the sole reason we were together in this week was work, the session that I was delivering and the delegates were attending. So it was of paramount importance that I could deliver it okay and make the time spent by all useful. And it was great to see that the feat was achieved. Before leaving all were having a smile on their faces and did mention that they did find the session useful and it would help them for sure in their work. That’s what I work so hard to hear. I am glad that I could share whatever little I know with them and did say a thing or two that woulld help them. A big thanks to all!  It was great being with you all- especially with few folks (you know who you are, J, R, G and the rest) . I sincerely hope that we meet soon in some other training session or conference. 

I am extremely tired but I don’t think that I shall be getting much rest as I shall be traveling again very soon. But I don’t want to think about that right now. I have a day(hopefully) to unwind at home and that’s what I am looking forward to. I shall grab a coffee and shall listen to music. Hope the check-in starts soon. Most of the people believe that traveling is so much fun. Yes it is but the part that happens in between going from place A to place B i.e. waiting at the airports, in the cabs, flights, that’s so not exciting. Hope travel gods would be kind on me and there won’t be any more delays. Let’s see!

Hey Coffee , where are you?


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