Friday, June 24, 2016

A Good Day Amidst In A Bad Week....

At times, some sayings or acronyms which you don't really bother about otherwise, make perfect sense. That's just the same I am feeling about today-Friday. TGIF. It's been a terrible week , not from the professional side but from the personal aspect. Since Monday, I have been so much upset and lost in the thoughts thanks to the various reasons. I am still not sure if the ordeal is over or would continue further too but at this moment, my mind is just so tired and exhausted. In this mind-exhaustion, work played a big part too cos the module that I am handling right now, is extremely tough and requires a lot of effort to pull it through. It's the last day today for the session and I shall come to know today how did I perform. Some time, everything hits you just at the same time and that's the same what is happening with me too.

But among all this, I can be happy about one(and one thing only so far) which happened yesterday and it really did make me feel so good and uplifted my mood.

The city where I am right now, my manager sits in the same also. We don't meet for very long times. The last I met him was in 2015 some time. But it's always so good to meet him as not only he is one of the very best technologists but even more, he is very very good person.  Extremely down to earth, jovial and fun loving and when you are with him, you can't imagine that you are with a person who is on such a senior level and is so knowledgeable. So he messaged me and asked since you are here in the city, how about we go for lunch? Needless to mention, I said sure. Being so good as he is, he came to pick me up since we both were at two different locations. We went to a small but very nice place which serves Gujarati food. Yes, you heard it right- we went to a Gujarati food place which is situated in the heart of  one of the most prominent South Indian cities of India. No, my manager is NOT from Gujarat too. But he had discovered that place and now, wanted to take over there. The place was small but clean and nice. We got a fixed meal which had three veges, rice and butter-milk. He also ordered for me sweet which was made from mangoes and was so good. We had a talk in between the meal and once finished, he dropped me back at the venue too.

It was very well spent time of 45 minutes and that's what I learn from great people-they are so senior, so knowledgeable but are so humble, down to earth and most importantly, a very good human being. There are no words that I have to define how overwhelmed I feel seeing him driving all the way to my location, dropping me back and on top of that, being so thoughtful about choosing the place knowing that I would like the food. Thanks so very much G sir!

Despite all the things that have happened in this week and has done nothing but made me so upset-this was one small incident which came as a ray of sunshine among the dark clouds of thoughts which has engulfed my mind right now. Hope next week take away these clouds.

It's 9.20am and time to get back to work which would start in about 15 minutes from now.


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