Monday, June 13, 2016

Hello Pune….

I have reached Pune. The journey did start in the morning and it wasn’t really very eventful. I arrived at the airport about 4 hours before the scheduled departure. When I was about to get-in, the security staff at the airport gate suggested that I should grab something to eat before I go inside for two reasons. One, once you have come inside the airport, you can’t come out. And I was quite early for my flight. Mostly people would get bore and are willing to go out after some time they enter the check-in terminals. I know this very well but I being me, I don’t feel impatient and can wait pretty much for whatever time required without making any complaints. But before I did consider his suggestion, his 2nd point made more sense. He mentioned that I can have something to eat from outside cos it would be one, cheaper than inside the airport and two, there are better varities. Since I just had a cup of coffee when I left the hotel, I thought that’s a better thing to do that I shall have something. So I had a Hara Bhara Sub and for a change, Masala tea from Chai Point.

After having a nice breakfast, finally I stepped inside the check-in terminal.

I was traveling with Air Asia and since I was very early, there was no rush at the check-in counters. It took no time to get the check-in done. I opt for the premium options for seating(not business class) normally to save time and get my luggage quickly and there is such option available with AirAsia. It took almost about 2 minutes to get everything done there at the check-in counter but the entire time saved there, was lost at the security check-in. It seemed like the entire city was traveling as there was just so much of rush and long queues. After a long time, I got done with it. I picked up a Strawberry shake and now was waiting for my flight. The flight was on-time and finally, we were aboard.

Now, I don’t like AirAsia. But I had to travel by it cos that’s the only one which was available at the time that I had chosen for my travel. Anyways, being the budget airline, the only thing that’s given free by them is water. But today, the airline was celebrating it’s 2nd anniversary being in India and on this occasion, they did distribute chocolates to the passengers. It was a small chocolate but still, it’s good to fly on these special occassions with airlines. The flight was otherwise smooth except at the time of landing, due to really strong winds, there was so much (and scary) turbelence. But since you are reading this post, so it does mean that I have survived and in one piece.

After collecting my luggage(and the premium seat did help as luggage did come quickly), I got the pre-paid cab to the hotel. At hotel, I met familiar front-desk staff and my check-in was completed immediately. They are always very happy to see me and it’s a very nice feeling to step in a hotel when you know the staff of that hotel. I am fortunate that many hotels where I do go, are very kind to me. Anyways, so I was in my room finally and had a nap. About an hour ago, I got a call from the restaurant for dinner buffet. So finally, I woke up , had dinner and now, shall be getting some preparations done for work that’s starting from tomorrow. Let’s see how it goes!


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