Monday, May 30, 2011

Yes I Did….

I have been asked number of times that whether I do know any other Indian(or foreign language) besides Hindi(national language), Punjabi(native language) and English(global language) . And the question is quite obvious since I travel a LOT. Also, at times, its asked that if I don’t know, didn’t I ever try to learn any language too? Well, the answer of both is partially yes and yes. Partially yes for knowing other languages than the three I mentioned and yes for that I in fact did try (a really honest and effortless try) to learn one language of India. Heck, I even bought books, audio tapes to teach me that! Yesterday, while looking for an Oracle book, I did find one of those books in my closet.

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I bought this book in 2003. Needless to mention that I did read it more than once and not just for learning speaking but for writing as well. I have one more such book and few audio tapes for the same. Even, I was going to hire a tutor to teach me the same in person,a guy who came to my office when I was working at Chandigarh for a job. My manager was so mad at me because that guy came for a technical instructor job and when I came to know that he knows the language, I totally forgot that I have to ask him questions about Oracle :-) . Crazy? Yes it is!

I won’t mention that why I did start learning the language so passionately and why I stopped after couple of years so don’t bother asking it. But I did give it my best of the efforts so the answer of the question that I get almost every week is a sure yes!


Anonymous Bill Chapman said...

Have you ever tried learning Esperanto. You might enjoy it - and succeed!

June 01, 2011 4:07 PM  
Blogger Aman.... said...

Well, I didn't even know that such language even exists. Anyways, thanks but no thanks, I am good! I tried for a specific reason. I don't have time to learn a language now as my hands are already full with TONS of work.

Thanks for stopping by here though.


June 03, 2011 12:59 AM  

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