Sunday, May 22, 2011

SMC(Session, Miscommunication, Coffee)….

I couldn’t think of any other title to describe all the three things that’s the reason for SMC and I think it came up quite nice isn’t it :-) . There are three different things that I wanted to talk about and that’s the best I could think of to combine them together.

If you are a regular here you must be aware that I had a three days session which I finished at Hyderabad and then I flew to here, Banglore for another 3 days session. Its normally till Friday I work but for this session, the Saturday was also occupied. Besides that it was going to be really hectic taking a session back to back including a travel as well, the module that I was supposed to take was also a new and tough one for me. I had taught an early version of this many times but this was going to be the first time for me for this version’s session. Gladly, it did go okay. I had just three delegates with me and as per them, they learned many a new things in these three days. With lesser number of delegates, its always less efforts that you have to spend while doing the delivery. But whatever efforts I could save in this, I had to spend equally if not more, for the preparation of the module. But all said and done, it did work out okay. The delegates were really nice, friendly and were eager to learn. And more over this was their first experience of such kind of training. When such is the case, I try to make the experience so good that the delegates must mention that they would come back to have another session which I am hopeful that they would do for sure. I haven’t got the official rating yet but after the end of the session, the manage of the venue, where the session got conducted, came to me and asked that whether I can do the same program for their company as well? To which I said no but the good thing that she told me was that she asked the delegates and they said very kind words for me. I normally don’t settle down unless I don’t see the official rating but I hope, it would be okay. Even they asked me that since they have another requirement for the same session at a different location so how can they ensure that I only would come! What more you would want to hear to tell you that they did like you and whatever you spoke in the session? Thanks so much guys for all the kind words and I hope you enjoyed the program. Hope to see you again soon in some another program and may be, will get a chance to take another session of your friends as well! Thanks so much again!

Communication is a really important thing. I mean how else this world could run if there wouldn’t be any communication right! But, as much as communication is important and helpful, in the same manner, miscommunication is dangerous and useless. And if you add with miscommunication ignorance(genuine) , well then you get a perfect recipe of disaster, disaster which is unstoppable, unavoidable at any cost. And that sort of same happened yesterday when me and my friend Asif Momen, who came from Riyadh on a business meeting here at Banglore, decided to meet. Since we both were working and at very far locations, I asked him to come to Forum Mall which is at Kormangala. Now, little fact that I didn’t know that there is another mall, with the same name at his location too with just one difference that the location is about 40kms away from kormangala. Neither he asked me anything nor I did ask anything to him or anyone else that whether is any other mall with the same name or not? So what could happen, he was standing there and waiting for me and I was standing at here doing the same. I was really confused since he was mentioning that he is standing next to KFC which according to him, was adjacent to McDonalds but all I could see was McDonalds! Well, after couple of phone calls and inquiring from some localities, we did realize the whole scenario. Well, there wasn’t anything that we could do since the distance was too large and any attempt done by anyone to come to the other person would had caused a very long wait to be done. It was really disappointing because we were looking forward to meet and there wasn’t another time or day because Asif was leaving today afternoon and I wasn’t free. Well,nothing could be done at least this time so we put it pending for some time in the future. But indeed the lesson that miscommunication=mishap, was learned loud and clear.

After I finished the session, I decided to go to Barista. The have launched a new Hawaiian range of coffees and other such drinks and I had a plan to taste all of them one by one. So I did order a cold coffee called something like Wild Coffee Mojito or whatever the heck it’s name was along with a veg pasta. The coffee came and it looked nice but as they say, all that glitters is not gold, in the same way, just because it appeared tasty, doesn’t mean that it had to be tasty too. It was so bad that I had to force myself to finish even half of the glass. But after that, I gave up, the coffee, but didn’t let go the dare to experiment. And now I ordered a normal drink called Mango Madness or Mad Mango or whatever. Fortunately, it was good, at least it was better than that coffee for sure. I paid a huge amount and then while going out, bought an apple pie too. This was the first time that I had an apple pie or any pie as a matter of the fact and I don’t know that I am really wiling to eat it again. But who knows, right!

So finally, after a (possibly good) session, a messed up meeting and tasting one bad and one good drink, I am having a day off tomorrow before I shall start the work. Hope I shall get some rest tomorrow because the next week is going to be a tough one and I am sure about it.


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